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Ergon 24hr Racing Team – Base Training in Majorca

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Preperation underway for the key races of the season – the Team training camp

The team is in the build phase of their training plan, and as such flew to Majorca for a week’s riding on the sun kissed islands beautiful roads.

There have been some small races this year already, with the team holding their own, however in order to ride together the team took time out and flew to Majorca. The Mediterranean island offers perfect conditions for a training camp. Sunshine, and mountains. With this in mind Kim, Trevor and Benny took to the island, while Nadine Rieder contended the Sunshine Cup in Cyprus.

Over the seven days the group collected a decent mileage quota – helped by the weather, which was on side. “The conditions were perfect. We were able to spend a good amount of time in the mountains. The climbing is superb training – it will definitely pay off through the season” was Benny’s feedback on the week. Trevor Allen, who was in Majorca for the first time had only positive things to say. “It couldn’t have been better – and Majorca – wow – a training paradise for cyclists. So beautiful too”.

The team is now looking to the season highlights – the 24 hour World Championships. Benny and Kim have their eyes on the title. Also, Trevor and Nadine are starting in a mixed pair team, “we are going to give it everything we have in order to pull in that illusive title – with the training things are going in the right direction.”

Ergon 24h Racing Team adds a female touch in 2011

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The team expands for 2011 adding an additional Marathon specialist

While last year was the first year for the team, as soon as the season got underway, thoughts turned to 2011. Team Manager Kim Tofaute “24 hour racing is booming. As the first team specialising solely in 24 hr races we need to continue to push forward. After coming second in the 24hr racing World Championship (taking place in Germany) racing pairs in 2009, setting up a team was a logical step. Matching the accomplishment in 2010 underlined our commitment and as we move forward into 2011 we have decided to expand the team with the addition of Nadine Rieder”
Nadine Rieder

The 21 year old German is no new comer to the sport, with 3 German national titles to her name. In 2008 she took the silver medal at the European Marathon Championships. For Ergon 24 her racing will include the Cross Country European Championships (U23) and the World Championships (U23) alongside 24 hour racing. “With the inclusion of the 24 hour events, I am looking forward to the new challenges next season. It is great to be a member of the team.” Nadine said about the situation.
The other team riders, Trevor Allen, Kim Tofaute and Benjamin Brochhagen complete the lineup.

The team is targeting the big 24 hour events in Europe. Racers will ride solo (Trevor) or in two man, or with another rider in mixed 4 man teams. “By adding Nadine we now have the chance to race different categories within an event. Key to this is mixed 4 man races, with a guest rider, as well as our 2 man and solo focus” Benny, responsible for the PR for the team, added.


Oktoberfest: Ergon 24h ended the season with two victories

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Kim Tofaute won the last race of the Rhineland Cup in Germany. Trevor Allen meanwhile won the Oktoberfest 8 hour race in Bristol UK.

The last race of the season is always something a little special. On the start line you reflect on the races you have taken part in, thinking of the successes, but also looking forward to the off season. For Trevor Allen and Kim Tofaute, both were able to add a win to give them the extra motivation for the training ahead.

On October 9th, Kim won the last round of the Rhineland Cup (a respected local series in Germany) pulling away from the off and staying at the head of the race until the end. At the end of the race he had won not only the day’s race, but the overall for the series. Winning the last race of the season is such a great way to go into the winter. This and the second place at the 24 hr Worlds pairs in Germany, are highlights of the year Kim told us just before taking his place at the head of the podium.

2028, Tofaute, Kim, Ergon 24h,GER

For Trevor the last race of the season was just as successful. Riding with John Whittington, a friend from his University cycling club, they fought for the win at the inaugural Kona Oktoberfest, in Bristol, South West England. Following the race there was a large Oktoberfest style party. Trevor and John looked good from the beginning, taking the lead from the opening lap. It was then a race to defend the lead until the end. After 8 hours circling the 9.5km lap they had it in the bag. Winning the race is great. It is the perfect end to my first season with the Ergon 24 team.


Winter training is now lies ahead for the team riders, and perhaps a few weeks of well earnt rest. All that remains is to thank the fans, the sponsors and everyone involved with the team at all levels. We hope to match and exceed the 2010 season in 2011.

24hr World Championship: Ergon 24 Racing Team defends their silver medal

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Ergon Team 24 riders and Benjamin Brochhagen were able to defend their position as the World’s second best two man 24 hour team while Trevor Allen, going for the solo title, crashed heavily causing him to pull out.

“24 hours is a long time. A lot can happen. We will give it everything that we have to try to take the title with us this time” fighting talk from Kim Tofaute just before the start of the race.

In the first 12 hours the race developed into a real battle for the lead of the 2 man classification. Kim and Benny were wheel on wheel with the AS Group-Quantec team. Neither wanted to give away an inch, and attacks and counter attacks came consistently. It was at the beginning of the second 12 hours that the race was decided. Benny and Kim had a moment, and were unable to answer an attack, and although there was still a long way to ride, they were unable to reel in the other team.

Overall though, the race was a success. They matched and defended their positions in the world rankings. Benny said following the race “It was a really difficult race. We started with such a high pace from the off. It took a lot out of us. The result though is good. I am pleased.”

Trevor had less of a successful race. Starting strong he managed to make it forwards to 5th position. The 13th hour however saw Trevor crash – with 37 laps ridden. Fearing a broken arm, he pulled out of the race, disappointed. “I am deflated. I would have managed the podium, I am sure.” Fortunately for Trevor, it was later found not to be broken.

Trevor Allen takes the East of England Championship

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Trevor Allen, won the East of England XC Championship this past weekend.  On a fast, but windy course, Trevor was able to take the title and work his way up the Elite rankings.


The race took place 50km north of London at Codham Park in Essex.  At the end of the first lap, Trevor was in third position overall, but was pushing hard on a forwards march.  By the 5th lap the 22 year old was in the lead.  It was a lead that he didn’t relinquish until the 7th and final lap.  Finishing second overall Elite, he was the highest placed English rider, and therefore took the title.

On the 7th and 8th of August Kim Tofaute and Benjamin Brochhagen took part in an 8 man works team at the 24 hr Race in Duisburg.  The race was scheduled training for Kim and Benny, to allow them to get everything honed prior to the 24hr World Championship (Europe) which takes place this coming weekend. The race however was suspended after 19 hours, owing to torrential rain and thunderstorms.  The team was placed in second in their category at the time.


The World Championship this weekend however is again the focus. While Kim and Benny tackle the pair’s race, hoping to match or better their Silver Medal of last year, Trevor will be going for the solo title.