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Eurobike, Trailmaster and a really good time to boot

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Hi everyone,

After Andi’s „Bavarian super Session“ it was time for me to relax for a few days.

Have fun with my review of the season which is about to come to an end.

I know I already told you about the Canyon shooting in my last news. However, our photographer sill had a few pics left on the hard drive that I simply have to share with you.


Rob-J already reported from the Trailmaster 2010 event but this was the first time I had been able to take part in this event as a spectator for ages. Due to my foot injury I just simply wasn’t ready to take part myself and in January I’ve got a further operation ahead of me. But now back to the event itself. Even if one can’t take part in the event oneself, it’s certainly worth going there just to watch. It’s a great experience to watch the athletes sweating it out and the crowds firing them on. Although I couldn’t take part myself, I still had a whole lot of fun!!! I have to give the event a real thumbs up!!!

Trailmaster Neukirchen 2010

You’ve already been informed in detail about the Eurobike so I don’t want to go too far off track. What’s really nice are the signing sessions on the visitors’ day. Man, there are so many nice people who are over the moon when they get a poster dedicated just to them or want to have a picture taken with you and exchange a few words…. Just brilliant….

Actually, Sunday’s for biking, but not this Sunday because we drove to Radsport Beyer. Very good friends of mine run this shop and we had the idea to organise a bike handling seminar for the club sponsored by them. So off we went to the biggest car park in Schrobenhausen to practise “basics”… Man, did we have fun. After an informative introduction I had many questioning faces in front of me but after a few attempts came a ahaaaaa, I see!!! All in all we had a really cool morning session which was rewarded with coffee and cake thanks to the organisation by RSV Schrobenhausen….

Tibor Simai News 08_1006

On the same day we went to Bad Aibling and Andi Wittmann’s “Bavarian Super Session”. Many dirt bikers, friends and spectators romped around Andi’s homespot. It was a really cool event with the support of Red Bull beats, Bavarian BBQ and Thorsten Pullich as moderator. The idea behind the session is to have a good time but there’s also an award for the photographers… Prizes were given for various categories, for example lifestyle shot, best trick shot, best black & white shot. Andi Brewi and I hoped to pick up the award for the best “mobile shot”. Ha ha, although we didn’t yet know if there would be such a prize we made made ourselves look important with our mobiles for five minutes;)…

Tibor Simai News 08_1008

See you soon and enjoy the autumn.


Tibor’s news #7

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Hy together,

It’s going on and on, seems like an endless summer, haha, so nice…

Here we go:

One nice project I did was building up a Canyon Speedmax AL “urban works” edition. Based on a stock timetrial frame we cut all needless additions off and filled out all holes. Special thanks to Wolfgang Martin ( for the paintjob!
The parts are from Acros’ Eau Rouge 300 edition. Hubs, headset, and bottom bracket are in a special colour as it’s usually available.
Handlebar and stem are from Sunline’s super nice All Mountain Stuff. To sprint from a signal light or jump over a traffic island you can tell me what you want, a superwide handlebar is the best for handling. 745mm rocks!!! Shimano’s DXR BMX Cranks make sure that this hotrod is stiff enough for short sprints…Yeah… stop the static, speed the rhythm…!!!

After the Saalbach Freeride Festival Sebastian Bird edited all the sequences we made by the little wonder cam and conjured a nice few minutes movie. 20.000 hits can’t lie… ;)

In connection to our Canyon catalogue shooting in Cortina we decided to shoot some downhill action and shot some pics of our FRX in Bischofsmais/Germany on a downhill course. Hey, check out the colours…

no images were found

You can find more pictures at

Big in Bavaria Vol. II was the Gold event for the FMBA Tour this year… At Munich’s Bike EXPO this high class dirtjump event took place.
I was a judge in both events together with my buddies Bart de Jong, Axel Jürgens, Alex Dropsy and Marius Hoppensack.
Seriously, the jumps were massive and really nice shaped. The riders showed up with awesome trick combinations and a little Sspanish kid did a front flip over the big drop…pero hola!!!!

Pics by

Here the MTB results:

1. Martin Söderström (SWE / NS Bikes)  
2. Sam Pilgrim (GBR / Ashton Diamondback)  
3. Yannick Granieri (FRA / Commencal)  
4. Benny Korthaus (GER / Red Bull)  
5. Amir Kabbani (GER / Mongoose)

1. Dane Searls (AUS / Unit Clothing)  
2. Ben Hennon (GBR / Eastpak)  
3. Markus Hampl (GER / Twenty Bikes)

The new Ergon 24h Racing Team is launching the Ergon Rookie Award. Kids up to the age of 21 habe opportunity to live the passion of mountainbiking and get it support!!! Introduce yourself and your spot at the Ergon Rookie Award website.

Very nice idea, I think…

Hey, the Trailmaster Event in Neukirchen/Austria will be in a few weeks… One of the coolest enduro events… For sure… I’ll be there, get registered and join me for the “Tibor Simai riding days”…
Would be cool to ride with you… Check out their website.

One of the big highlights in the season was the “Canyon Oakley Freeride Kidscamp” in Leogang. Rob J and Alps Biketours did a great job. 101 kids were coached by pros and coaches… One week of shredding in the bikepark and hanging out together was so much fun.
Thanks to Schwalbe and Ergon for supporting this camp with all the prices!!!

Rob-J Youth Camp 2010

Hope to see you at the Eurobike…

Happy trails,

Tibor’s News

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Hi there,

Here’s my latest news from the last few weeks

I was with Harald Philipp, Andi Wittmann and the renowned action photographer Marcus Greber in the Dolomites. The reason for our trip was the rain which made us feel so depressed that we set off to check out the dolomites as soon as the weather man had given us his go-ahead. We had two really good days of shooting which were, however, below 1500 metres. The snow drifts, which still hadn’t completely melted, and the at times cold winds made the few rays of sunshine that we soaked up a real highlight. Enjoy the pics!

I have already told you that I would supply you with a few more pictures from the Canyon Riding Lessons at the Dirtmasters in Winterberg. Check them out!

On the familiar site the stomping grounds around Livigno/Italy are introduced. This area has everything to offer for bikepark enthusiasts as well as for single trail lovers.

The photographer Daniel Roos, a familiar face on the scene and a good mate of the Gravity-Commune, is in the process of putting together a funny pic series. Here’s my contribution to the gallery.

In May I was with my boys on the Geisskopf doing some downhill and free riding. That was and always is fun. Check out our video!! Everything was filmed using GoPro HD. 9000 hits in just a week don’t lie. A big thank you to Se Bird.

The bike festival in Willingen has once again got the lot. Never before were there so many events at one festival. The downhill boys nominated the king of the “Wheels of Speed”. The European championship in 4X took place on the Willingen course and was action-packed. Timo Pritzel invited to the “Scott On Air” Dirt Contest where I also judged alonside a few colleagues. Our new Canyon rider Christian Mallmann had a really good run and finished sixth!!! That was a great result when one considers what a first-class field it was.

I looked to see what I could do with a Torque FRX to give it just that little bit more colour. I don’t think I did such a bad job, did I?

Right, now I’m off on the bike.

keep on rockin,


Tibors News

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Hy all,

I know that the time right now remains a little bit of the autumn. Maybe I can give you with the following pictures some warm thoughts in that cold time right now…;)

Here we go, Boris Kraus an artist from bikers-illustrated portry my face as an comic. It’s a honor to me!!! Big “thanks” to Boris.
Check out his webpage:

Further Marzocchi suspension and Formula brakes put some impressive pictures we took in Torbole/Italy on their webpages!!!
Thank you to my sponsors Marzocchi and Formula!

Furthermore you can find some coverage in “Alpenguide/D” , “MTB Rider/UK”, “Freeride/D” and the “Lagobiker/I”.

But check the “Screamshot” at first – the best example how it should not be done.

Two projects I did was to built up a light and stiff Canyon stitched 4X bike. It’s a stitched ltd. frame with titanium bolts, very light and with lots of special parts.
Special thanks to Acros who desinged me his first silver group of parts they built with a black lasing. Awesome!!!

The second project is the new Canyon AM frame in purpleblue. The raw fininsh of the frame is a prototype version with lightblue stickers.
Check out the pics:

Ok, and last, which was really cool, was one of biggest bike events, also known as euope’s season opener, Riva’s BIKE Festival in Italy.
There are severall races and shows going on that weekend. I decided to race the 4X on Friday night. It’s funny cause more than the guys are way younger than me. But once a racer always a racer;).
I finished 2nd in the final… Yeah!!! Racing is life!
Check out some raceaction on pure cycling TV

On Saturday there is always a BBQ going on at the expo area. It’s pretty cool to hang out with all the people and enjoing the time at the lago. I had the idea to brew some more of the homemade “Tibor’s dirter Bräu”, exactely 130 0,5l bottles to celebrate this good time…
Special thanks to Michael Koneberg aka “ Much” who was the brewmaster!!!

Thanks for your time…

I’ll wish u a good time and a nice sommer…