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The Strive Diaries: Entry 0 – Training Camp South France

Friday, March 28th, 2014

“Last season couldn’t have started any better for the Canyon Factory Enduro Team when we won the first round of the Enduro World Series in Punta Ala. But beyond this, we made it clear to everyone throughout the season that we belong right at the very top of the sport. Competing on the pro scene is not a walk in the park, which was something we learnt at every event. All kinds of emotions, from joy to suffering come thick and fast alongside countless unforgettable moments.

To give our fans and anyone interested in Enduro a chance to look behind the scenes and get involved in what we do, we’ve created the “Strive Diaries”. You’ll get instalments from the team after every round of the Enduro World Series as well as other events. Get ready to take on the season with us!” Flo Goral, CFET Team Manager

The Canyon Factory Enduro Team often feels more like a family than a team, so when we all got back together it felt a lot like a Christmas family reunion, even though we were there for some serious pre-season training and testing. Of course we also had a whole load of new team bikes and other cool stuff to dole out as well, so in that sense it was a bit like Christmas…


“Well on my side it’s really important getting together at the beginning of the season just to create synergy and team spirit for the season being able to support each other. Racing and competition is always tough but good moments and I think the general spirit of the team is a key point. That’s the first parameter. The second one is clearly to be able to share our experience and learn about our preparation, the bike setting to be able to pull the team towards the top and to create real teambuilding through that moment. That’s what a training camp all together is for – to get motivated all together.” Fabien Barel


We wanted to hold the camp a little later this year so we could put the final touches on our preparation for the first Enduro World Series (EWS) round in Chile. Everyone on the team is a little different, which is a great, and means they all turned up having prepared in all kinds of ways. Last year was a step into the unknown as no one really knew what a whole season of Enduro would be like but this year we’re more prepared as we now know what to expect.


Joe Barnes spent the winter building trails back home and was a pretty good shape following hours of sprint training on the rollers as well as soaking up the sun on a training camp in Madeira. Ines Thoma found a new love in “functional fitness”, spent plenty of time cross-country skiing, which is practically the law when you come from the Bavarian Alps, and she also took her campervan on a road trip to do some training on the roads down in Tuscany. Nobody understands perfect preparation quite like Master Fabien with all his years of experience and accumulated knowledge; he chose to do most of his winter training riding XC. And last but not least, our Swiss newbie, Ludo May, was down enjoying the trails in Spain, preparing for his new challenge with the team.


We didn’t need to search long for a location to hold the training camp this year. Although CFET is officially based in Germany at Canyon.Home in Koblenz, Nice feels more like our spiritual home as this is where the team was born at the beginning of last year. It also happens to be Fabien Barel’s hometown, but most importantly it provides everything we need for riding Enduro: perfect trails, year-round sunshine, great food as well as comfortable accommodation.


“Nice is a great place for the training camp as we got pretty much all facilities around to train properly for mountain biking. Having the mountains, nice landscape towards the end of the Alps to ride and train Enduro is a perfect location, because we have a high amount of trails, which are providing us all type of terrain. We also normally get really good weather and temperatures over the winter and the fact that I live here and know all the facilities as well as gym, massage, hotel fairly easily, which makes everything really simple and familiar for the team. So I would say coming to Nice gives us generally the opportunity to get in shape in a short amount of time.” Fabien Barel

The main aim of the week was to get to know our way around the new team bikes. This is not just important for the guys who have to ride the things flat out, but also for our mechanics who get the chance to work on the bikes out in the open and away from the comforts of the workshop, just like they’ll be at races throughout the season.


In the middle of the camp we had a two day test session with our sponsors, FOX, in nearby Finale Ligure. The focus of this was to really dial the suspension setups the guys want to ride with. This is essential as they need to feel comfortable and be able to place every last ounce of trust in their machines to ride as fast as possible.

Luckily, we only got washed out by the rain on one of the ten days we were riding, but we were able to spend the time wisely by doing some work in the gym and fine-tuning the bikes. Congratulations at this point go to Joe who earned bragging rights after a spontaneous pull-up competition, and to Ludo, who triumphed in the plank-off. Competition runs in the blood for these guys!


Anyone spending a whole season riding the same bike looks forward to a change every now and then, which is why we had an epic XC ride pencilled in for the camp. It was clear at this point that the definition of “XC” varies substantially depending on where you come from. For Fabien, XC means taking on the stages of last year’s Blausasc Enduro. Only riding cross country bikes. And doing the whole thing in reverse… Needless to say the climbs could be classed as “challenging”, but that didn’t make the whole thing any less fun.

“It’s really great to start the year with the team with an intense XC ride and having a big laugh and a great time on the bike – but these guys are insane. They pedal hard every time!” Fabien Barel


Even on a training camp, time management plays a decisive role, just like on a race weekend. With hardly any contingencies, we had to try and get the best out of the time we had to train while keeping the stress down and allowing sufficient time for recovery. With a group like this, however, things quickly descended into a bit of a riot. We had some good times shooting the breeze and learning more about one other, and taking the mick out of each other only serves to strengthen the team’s bonds!

“Generally we had a really good laugh and our new team mate Ludo is a great fun person and really good to have fun with. We also have the opportunity to have a new mechanic called Dougie that is on the side of Joe and I would say we had a lot of good moments and I believe that the team building during this week achieved a great atmosphere and relationship which will be profitable in terms of performance all year long.” Fabien Barel


The challenges of racing Enduro are enormous, which is something we definitely learnt throughout 2013. Enduro truly does blend together the very best parts from all disciplines of mountain biking. This year, we feel we’ve done as much as we can to be ready.

”My expectation for the 2014 season is clearly to be able to compete at the top in Enduro. I do believe that with the team synergy, the teammates, the mechanics, the quality of the bike and where we are standing at the moment in terms of R&D we have all parameters to be competitive, so I think it´s definitely gonna be a great season and our goal is clearly to be on top of the game . It’s for sure that it will be a fantastic season!” Fabien Barel


It won’t be long before we’re back on the road after the training camp. In less than two weeks we jet off to Chile for round one of the EWS. A season packed with action and great experiences is right on our doorstep – it’s all about to kick off big time!

Canyon Year Review 2013 – Part 2

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Countdown to Christmas – 24 of the Best Canyon Moments From 2013

The Countdown continues, the third advent is already behind us. Here we present you with days 7 to 13 of the Canyon Year Review.

Again, we hope you have a great festive period!

Day 7

Anton Thelander und Thomas Genon // Foto: Markus Greber

Slopestyle aces Anton Thelander and Thomas Genon spend more time in the air than on the ground. Riding their new Canyon Stitched concept bikes, these guys have been whipping, quite literally up a storm across the slopestyle scene. Thomas Genon proved such with 3rd at the FISE World Montpellier Slopestyle Event and 2nd at Vienna Air King. Meanwhile, Anton “Cleanlander” Thelander fully lived up to his nickname by taking the spoils at the Red Bull Phenom Contest as well as the Martin Söderström Invitational.

Day 8

Canyon ist die Nummer 1

Incredible result. We are proud. Really damn proud. Thanks to all the readers of the magazines TOUR, BIKE and FREERIDE. The survey in all three journals showed that most of you next year intend to buy a Canyon bike. And on top of that we have been chosen as the winner of the Reader’s Choice for “Best Bike Brand” in BIKE and TOUR. And the second winner in FREERIDE magazine in this category. Awesome.

Canyon is the number 1!

Day 9

Leanda Cave // Sebastian Kuhn / Drehmomente

Triathlete Leanda Cave had a clear goal at Kona in 2013: the defence of her Ironman World Championship crown. In spite of a difficult build-up, the Welshwoman was not deterred, especially as she had a special weapon hidden up her sleeve. The new Speedmax CF made its debut on Hawaii to help carry Leanda to victory. Unfotunately, this year things didn’t quite work out that way, but Leanda will be back and fired up again in 2014, taking inspiration from Joaquim “Purito” Rodriguez’s motto this year, “Back to Nr. 1.” We wish her the very best of luck next year and will be there to support her throughout!


Day 10

Canyon eröffnet Service Center in Norwegen

For several years Canyon has supplied the Norwegian market with superior quality bikes. Now we are looking to expand our customer service through a local service centre in Norway. Canyon is represented in 14 European countries and in 2013 Norway will become the 15th. Welcome to the Canyon Crew!

Day 11

CFET-Fahrer Fabien Barel auf der Roc d'Azur

The biggest Mountainbike event in Europe – Roc D’Azur. 250 exhibitors, 20.000 participants and 150.000 visitors from 50 countries, all of them had only one thing on their minds: bikes. Canyon was the main partner and had lots of surprises ready for everyone: some Canyon heroes visited, more than 40 bikes of the 2014 range were available for testing, afterwards the models got cleaned at the Canyon bikewash and all visitors could talk shop with Canyon mechanics while enjoying some special flavored ice cream in Canyon Factory Enduro Team and Topeak-Ergon Racing Team colors.

Roc d’Azur

Day 12

The Spectral AL – A highly versatile bike constructed for uncompromising all-mountain demands. New for the 2014 season, this is the first ever bike we have built with 27.5” wheels, providing the perfect compromise between 26” wheels’ nimble agility and the smooth rolling of 29” hoops.

Day 13

With a smile on her face, Ines Thoma acknowledges that “racing is not always about just being intelligent”. The Bavarian is the sole female representative of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team and shares her passion for enduro in the video “This is Enduro” along with her teammates Joe Barnes and Fabien Barel. Six minutes that you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!

We keep the ball rolling on our website and Facebook page, go and take a look!

Look forward to part 3!

Part 1 of the Canyon Year Review

Canyon Year Review 2013 – Part 1

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Countdown to Christmas – 24 of the Best Canyon Moments From 2013

Thanks to you, our heroes, our partners and the riding community as a whole, 2013 has been one of our most successful years ever. Before Christmas we want to take a look back and share 24 of the biggest moments with you in our Canyon Year Review. We’ve already got the ball rolling on our website and Facebook page, go and take a look!

From everyone at Canyon, we hope you have a great festive period and look forward to another fantastic year with you in 2014!

Day 1

Enduro World Series #1 - Punta Ala - Fabien Barel gewinnt den Auftakt // Foto: Maxi Dickerhoff

Canyon Goes Enduro! – The start of 2013 saw the launch of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team, our first ever works team. Seasoned campaigner Fabien Barel joined us for the ride and got the season off to the perfect start at the inaugural round of the Enduro World Series at Punta Ala. First race, first victory for the new guys! Fabien and his teammates, Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma, Maxi Dickerhoff and Marco Bühler, have been making waves in the Enduro scene all season long in 2013.

Strive for the podium

Day 2

Daniel Moreno gewinnt den Flèche Wallonne // Foto: Roth

Flèche Wallonne – They say all good things come in threes… After commanding victories by Philippe Gilbert and Joaquim “Purito” Rodriguez, it was Dani Moreno’s turn, completing a perfect hat-trick for the Aeroad CF. The Spaniard buried himself on the Muur de Huy to take the revered Flèche Wallonne, saving his best legs till the end to break away on the feared 26% drag to the line and take the title of “Conqueror of the Muur”.

Aeroad CF gets Hat-trick

Day 3

Canyon.Base Robinson Club Mallorca // Foto: Tino Pohlmann

Rent a bike from Canyon.Base at Robinson Club Cala Serena and explore Mallorca’s beautiful countryside either from the road or out on the trail. Experience the most stunning routes and the finest scenery with our guides at your side, or discover the island for yourself.

Canyon.Base Mallorca

Day 4

Alban Lakata - Leadville 100 Sieger // Foto: RTI-Sports

Double Victory at the Leadville 100 – Alban Lakata and Sally Bigham seal the double win at Colorado′s Leadville 100 Trail Race. The two racers also both set new course records for the 100 mile distance at the legendary and hardest Mountain Bike Race in the USA.

Lux CF – The perfect Long-Distance Race-Bike

Day 5

Canyon Urban Concept Bike // Foto: Canyon

Modern urban mobility Canyon style – At this year’s Eurobike Show we presented our Urban Concept Bike. This bike certainly attracted a lot of attention with its fusion of great design and functionality. The cockpit is fully integrated into a single unit and the front and rear lights are also embedded into the frame, giving our Urban Concept Bike a highly distinctive, yet elegant appearance.

Canyon Urban Concept Bike

Day 6

Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Speedmax CF – Winner of the “Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland” in their Product Design Category.
Our Head of Research and Development, Michael Kaiser PhD. Eng. had the following to say: “Good design is really important to us. With this award, our team gets the recognition they deserve and this will motivate us for future projects. A distinct design language allows us to express and define ourselves more clearly, which is something our customers really value.”

The new 2014 Speedmax CF models are now available to order. So it’s time to Beat the Street.

Look forward to part 2!

Final showdown in Finale Ligure

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

At the start of the year, five athletes came together to create the Canyon Factory Enduro Team (CFET). Spearheaded by the renowned Fabien Barel, the team achieved its first impressive Enduro World Series (EWS) results six months ago in Punta Ala (ITA). Fabien Barel won the men’s race and the CFET came in second overall when the remaining results were tallied up. Since then the wheels have kept on rolling and the results have been racking up. After an exhausting season, the CFET gathered last weekend for the season final of the EWS in Finale Ligure (ITA). Following the motto “start the way you intend to finish” all eyes were on Fabien Barel. Victory was not to be, however, in the end Fabien achieved a third place EWS #7 race result, which consequently awarded him with a third place overall finish in the final EWS Overall Men ranking. Thanks to a great team effort, the Canyon Factory Enduro Team can celebrate a well-deserved third place in the EWS Overall Team ranking. So, after all the sweat, aching legs and exhausted lungs the CFET team have two podium results in the EWS overall rankings under their belt after their inaugural season – a fantastic start for the young team!

Canyon Factory Enduro Team 3rd Overall EWS

While the overall EWS titles were already sealed after round 6 in Val d’Isere (FRA), the battle for Ines Thoma and Fabien Barel was fierce until the very end of the season. Stage after stage, the ambitious young German rider, Ines, was racing head-to-head with the Dutch Anneke Beerten to secure fourth place in the overall ranking – a result which Ines was determined to achieve. Fabien Barel had a phenomenal opening victory in Punta Ala but the rest of his season was no walk in the park. With such strong competition, Fabien Barel had to ride flat out to land his podium finish in the overall ranking.

The final leg of the EWS was a six stage race over two days. Bearing in mind the skill set of the CFET this final race should have played out to their advantage. The stages were a mixture of dusty single tracks, scattered rock gardens, unforgiving downhill shoots and of course relentless uphill climbs. Unfortunately, it did not work out like this for Joe Barnes, Maxi Dickerhoff and Marco Buehler. Later in the third stage, on the narrow, tight yet flowy switchback section, the CFET found their rhythm and pulled back the missing time. They were back on track and back in the race!

Fabien Barel // Foto: Maxi Dickerhoff

The team momentum was abruptly stopped when the fourth and final stage of day one was cancelled after a severe crash. Although the time in the saddle was over, the riders got together to collect their thoughts and share their experiences in order to build a strategic plan for the following day and the remaining stages.

The tactics proved to be spot on – re-energised and raring to go the team set out to achieve their goals. Fabien, Joe, Ines and Marco were out of the saddle, pedaling hard and concentrating on the technical course. Fabien and Ines managed to regain the lost time from the day before, while for Joe and Marco the race was now more about self-perseverance and giving every last ounce of strength to bring home a solid final race.

Joe Barnes // Foto: Maxi Dickerhoff

Stages 5 and 6 were lined with spectators. Scattered along the key points the Italian crowd, dressed in the recently released CFET fan jerseys cheered on the athletes. The bikes were rolling, legs were pumping – this was the final push! Fabien and Ines were steaming ahead, absorbing every bit of the motivation given to them by their fans.

Five times Fabien Barel was called onto the podium that Sunday evening. Starting with his second place in the category 30 + in the SuperEnduro ranking, then his third place in the SuperEnduro men ranking and the three crucial third place results in the EWS # 7 Men, EWS Overall Men and EWS Overall Team rankings. For Ines although her fourth place in the EWS # 7 Women and EWS Overall Women ranking denied her of that step onto the podium – she was still given the chance when the CFET team stood united to celebrate their third place EWS Overall Team ranking finish.

With this excellent result, the Canyon Factory Enduro Team is finishing its first season and is proud to have ridden and battled amoung the leading athletes. The team riders have demonstrated nothing short of world-class sportsmanship from the very beginning of this first EWS season. CFET team manager Flo Goral says: “This was an extremely exciting first season for us. Fabien Barel, Joe Barnes, Maxi Dickerhoff, Ines Thoma and Marco Buehler work together as a good team. They have performed well and we were able to reap the first fruits. We are very pleased with the results of this first season and are looking forward to next year! ”

Now, the team can enjoy the well-deserved winter break and recover from the stresses and strains. Meanwhile, if you want to dig deeper into the world of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team, check out the clip “This is enduro”. This short documentary shows the team at the fifth EWS stop in Whistler and the challenges of the daily race routine.

Canyon strikes gold: female riders secure golden hat trick

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Last weekend was nothing short of a Gold rush for the German bicycle manufacturer Canyon. Celebrations were all around for the Canyon ladies as they rode their bikes to victory in both Enduro and Cross Country races. At the first Ischgl Overmountain Challenge 2013 (AUT), Ines Thomas from the Canyon Factory Enduro Team pedaled her way to success and became the (unofficial) Enduro European Champion. Irina Kalentieva from the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team celebrated her eighth World Cup triumph (Elite Women) this season at the last UCI MTB World Cup Cross Country race Hafjell (NOR). Her younger talented Cross Country colleague Malene Degn also won gold in the Women Juniors category. Making last weekend a ‘golden hat trick’!

Ines Thoma // Foto: Christoph Bayer

The first Ischgl Overmountain Challenge in the famous Tyrolean ski resort Ischgl was held as the “European Enduro Open” – and it was a test race for the Enduro European Championship next year. In almost daring winter conditions around 250 riders, among them 17 women, set off to find Europe’s fastest Enduro riders. Straight from the line, Ines Thomas was not impressed as fresh snow fall resulted in the course being shortened. But not bothered by the harsh conditions she quickly drew out a three second gap ahead of her rivals. Ines remained in the lead for the majority of the race, winning four out of five stages. Even during the heavy pedal stages, Ines powered through, proving her physical condition and earning her victory. The final clock showed that she had crossed the line in 25:38,59 min, fabulous 2:22 minutes ahead of French rival Pauline Dieffenthaler (28:01,16 min). Fellow Canyon teammates Marco Bühler (9th place) and Maxi Dickerhoff (11th place) also showed great determination and strength on this difficult course.

Irina Kalentieva // Foto: Gregor Janas

In Hafjell (NOR), athletes were not exposed to such frosty conditions for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Cross Country race. Irina Kalentieva saddled up on her Canyon bike focused and fully prepared. In this last World Cup stop of the season, the 35-year-old Topeak-Ergon Racing Team rider achieved her eighth World Cup career win and sent a clear message that she can still compete with the younger guns. The Russian has been training tirelessly for three long years to be where she is today – but it was worth it. The two-time World Champion steam-trained her way up through the field to the fastest three athletes from 17th place. After spending energy moving up the field she then found herself in a tight battle with Julie Bresset (FRA) and Eva Lechner (ITA). Finally, after a grueling 1:25:34 hour race, Irina finished first. Once the wheels had stopped turning and the reality of what just happened sunk in, with tears in her eyes, Irina said: “That feels so good, especially after all the bad luck over recent years. After coming fourth at the championships I was very focused on this race. Even in South Africa, I felt really strong but now it worked out.”

Nadine Rieder // Foto: Gregor Janas

Likewise, Irina’s teammate Nadine Rieder could be more than satisfied with her performance. After the 24-year-old German rider placed sixth at the Sprint Eliminator last Thursday, she ended up 23rd – the best World Cup result of her young career.

Malene Degn // Foto: Thomas N. Nyhus

Danish Malene Degn demonstrated an equally impressive performance in Norway: at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Hafjell she rode onto the podium in the Cross Country Women Juniors category. With a time of 1:04:54 and a 20-second lead ahead of Meda Petrusaukaite (LTU) she grabbed the gold medal. A great comeback for the upcoming athlete after her unfortunate race in Pietermaritzburg, where she was hit by a competitor only 100m after the start, and was forced to retire.

If the Canyon athletes have inspired you then, why not join them? You can already order a 2014 Canyon Bike and get prepared for the next season. For example, this week from 19 to 22 September, the BIKE Women Camp in Caldaro (ITA) will take place. For further information just click here.


Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

This year’s Enduro World Series (EWS) is a real nail biter! After a perfect start at the world series debut in Punta Ala (ITA), a little streak of bad luck prevented the CANYON Factory Enduro Team from standing on the podium. But now the team is back on track: the fourth round of the Enduro World Series was hosted at the Winter Park Resort (USA) during the Colorado Freeride Festival and the CANYON riders managed to secure three top 10 results for the team. Fabien Barel achieved third place, Ines Thoma fourth and Joe Barnes ninth. Only Maxi Dickerhoff had to contend with some falls. The overall results however, tallied up to award the CANYON Factory Enduro Team an excellent second place. CANYON is particularly proud of Ines Thoma: the talented German is currently ranked number 3 in the EWS overall rankings under the “Women’s Individual” category.

Fabien Barel / Foto: philipruopp

The fourth race of the Enduro World Series at Winter Park Resort/ Colorado (USA) was completely different to the previous two races in Val d’Allos and Les 2 Alpes. The track sections were quite diversified and included a collection of the finest single trails from the bike parks well maintained trails. The Enduro race consisted of five stages which took place over four combined racing and training days. However, the two main lifts in the Trestle Bike Park shut down due to heavy thunderstorms on Saturday night, so stage four had to be cancelled. In order to fulfill the EWS regulations, which state that five stages are required, the third stage was split into two separate parts.

Ines Thoma / Foto: philipruopp

Fabien Barel demonstrated consistency and smooth riding through the stages – conserving both his physical strength and his bike for the thrilling final race when he battled with Nico Vouilloz. In spite of a powerful ride and great technical skills, Fabien just missed out on a 2nd place result in the Open Men class. First place went to Jerome Clementz (1st place) who has been in good form all season. Likewise, Joe Barnes demonstrated a durable race, even though unfortunately his favorite stage was cancelled.

Fabien Barel / Foto: philipruopp

Despite good results from the men, collectively the CANYON Factory Enduro Team is very proud of Ines Thoma’s efforts – she showed a powerful performance and achieved a well-deserved fourth place result. Ines’s determination is paying off as she gets closer and closer to her personal goal of a podium finish in the “Women Open” category. Standing between Ines and her desired spot on the podium in Colorado were big names: Tracy Moseley (1st place), Anne Caroline Chausson (2nd place) and Anneke Beerten (3rd place).

After a short break, the CANYON Factory Enduro Team will start in the fifth race of the EWS circuit at Crankworx Whistler in Canada on 11 August. The team will certainly look to draw on their solid experience from Colorado to achieve high rankings at Crankworx Whistler.

Follow our insights and get the latest news about the Canyon Factory Enduro Team road trip through North America.

Victorious all the way. The Canyon Factory Enduro Team at the first stage of the Enduro World Series in Punta Ala

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Fabien Barel did it again! After taking first place at the SRAM-Specialized Enduro Series race in Riva del Garda (ITA) the Frenchman stood for the second time at the top of the podium in Punta Ala (ITA). At the kick-off event of the Enduro World Series the former three-time downhill world champion celebrated a phenomenal triumph. Also, his CANYON Factory Enduro Team co-riders showed a remarkable performance: Scotsman Joe Barnes finished in the top 10 of the overall ranking and the team was second in the team ranking.

Auftakt der Enduro World Series in Punta Ala / Foto: Maxi Dickerhoff

The Enduro fans were looking with high anticipation to the premiere of the Enduro World Series in Punta Ala – and with all action and the level of competition their expectations were definitely met. On a sunny race day over 500 competitors took part, including professionals of the Downhill World Cup and other familiar faces from different mountain bike disciplines.
After his success in Riva del Garda Fabien Barel, racer for the CANYON Factory Enduro Team, showed his former downhill colleagues that he is also well-prepared for uphill climbs. In the end, his solid effort awarded him the full 600 points and a consecutive win.

The final breakthrough came in the longest and most technical section. During stage 2, Fabien saw his chance to ride a good time and powered through to come out leading the riders’ field. With a time of 6:37 minutes, he pulled out a solid lead of 13 seconds to his fellow, Jerome Clementz. The lead was enough to secure Fabien’s success for the remaining two stages.

Fabien Barel siegt beim Auftaktrennen der Enduro World Series in Punta Ala / Foto: Maxi Dickerhoff

With Joe Barnes’ ninth place in the overall ranking, the CANYON Factory Enduro Team celebrated another Top 10 victory. In total, their impressive team performance placed them second in the team ranking. The CANYON Factory Enduro Team is proud of their achievements in these early stages. Flo Goral, Team Manager of the CANYON Factory Enduro Team says: “We are all crazy about Fabien’s outstanding debut! Our other riders Joe Barnes, Maxi Dickerhoff, Ines Thoma and Marco Buehler also did a great job. This is exactly the way we want to go. Of course, the team can still learn a lot but that is why we are here! We have a strong team spirit and relaxing together at the beach was also great fun.”

As an “Official Gold Supporter” of the Enduro World Series, CANYON fully backs the newly formed association and is very pleased with the smooth running of the Superenduro race including the live timing during Punta Ala. The bike manufacturer from Koblenz welcomes the professionalization of this mountain bike discipline and is sure that the upcoming races will be eventful and not short of surprises.

Highlight-Clip from Punta Ala

#SuperEnduro2013 – EWS #1 – PRO2 Punta Ala – Highlights from Superenduro TV on Vimeo.

Welcome to Enduro – a perfect start for the Canyon Factory Enduro Team

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Fun, freedom and action: Enduro is mountain biking in its purest form. So it’s no surprise that the newly founded CANYON Factory Enduro Team is keen on starting the season! Last weekend, the French downhill world champion Fabien Barel, the Scottish bike pro Joe Barnes and the top German riders Marco Buehler, Eugen-Maxi Dickerhoff and Ines Thoma started together for the first time – with outstanding results. In the second race of the Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series in Riva del Garda (ITA) Fabien secured first place in the Men’s category and Ines confidently achieved second place in the Women’s category. Furthermore, alongside their individual successes, their achievements have placed the CANYON Factory Enduro Team at the top of the team ranking.

Their brand new video clip introduces the team:

The CANYON Factory Enduro Team has been training hard during the off-season in preparation for the 2013 Enduro World Series. Fabien Barel will lead his German teammates Marco Buehler, Eugen-Maxi Dickerhoff and Ines Thoma, sharing his experience and inspiring them to achieve excellence. We can also expect to see Scotsman Joe Barnes build upon his very competitive Enduro skills. Together with Fabien, the two highly enthused athletes will form an unbeatable duo that will lead the CANYON Factory Enduro Team. Fabien Barel is also an educated engineer and has great technical knowledge and skills; this is of great value to CANYON and the development team looks forward to receiving his input.

Canyon Factory Enduro Teamtreffen in Nizza  / Foto: Markus Greber

The team has high hopes for a successful season. The CANYON Factory Enduro Team manager Flo Goral is confident that the chemistry between the riders will have a positive outcome: “I would like to see the debut of the Enduro World Series reflects the “soul” of the Enduro discipline”, says Flo Goral.
“For our riders, this means full concentration when they are in the saddle, but it is also important to have fun during the race and the social gatherings.”

This approach appears to be conducive for the athletes. So far they have proven their talent and commitment during the intense training and challenging races. However, at the same time they are enjoying the experience and looking forward to the rest of the upcoming season. On the front line is 32-year-old Frenchman Fabien Barel. The former downhill rider has shown great diversity and skill.

He was three times downhill world champion and placed first in his first Enduro race mid-April: In Digne-les-Bains, at the Enduro des Terres Noires race. Moreover, Fabien could not have had a better start to the Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series 2013, finishing first in Riva del Garda. Fabien´s accomplishments are likely to place him as a forerunner in the Enduro World Series.

Canyon Factory Enduro Team in Riva / Foto: Markus Greber

Scottish rider Joe Barnes also has a strong character. The 24-year-old is a member of the unbeatable ‘Dudes of Hazzard’, who already caused a stir in the Enduro scene last year. Furthermore, since 2010 Joe has won the Irish Gravity Enduro Series, the Scottish MacAvalanche twice and placed tenth two times at Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez. In 2013, Joe reached second place in the Men’s category at Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series in Treuchlingen. Like Fabien, before Joe’s Enduro career he had great achievements as a downhill rider and is two-time Scottish downhill champion.

Likewise, top German riders Marco Buehler, Eugen-Maxi Dickerhoff and Ines Thoma are no strangers in the scene. 23-year-old Ines is currently one of the fittest and fastest female riders in Germany and was repeatedly standing on podiums throughout the 2012 season. Among other victories last year, she won the Specialized Enduro Ride in Willingen and the Dakine Trailfox Flims. So far this year, Ines achieved second place in the Women’s category at the second race of the Specialized- SRAM Enduro Series in Riva del Garda.
Eugen-Maxi Dickerhoff has been well-known for years in the gravity field and also works as a journalist. He has achieved high ranked results at the Dakine Trailfox Flims and was consistently placing within the top ten over the last four years.
At only 20 years of age, Marco Buehler is the youngest member of the team. Over the past few years he has demonstrated great commitment and determination. His best result to date is third place at Crema Cycle Short Track in Willingen, 2012.

The first season of the Enduro World Series is still being eagerly awaited and it is not possible to predict which riders will have the edge. But one thing is certain: The CANYON Factory Enduro Team is well prepared and positioned for a successful season!

The perfect match: Fabien Barel hits the trail with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Since the beginning of the year there have been rumors, now it’s official: the French mountain bike hero and three-time downhill world champion Fabien Barel joins the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. Fabien Barel’s commitment is not only from a sporting perspective an excellent decision for Canyon. The Frenchman’s long experience in racing and as an educated engineer will greatly contribute to Canyon’s bike development. The 32-year-old has great technical experience and will be able to give a lot of input to the development team.

Three-time world champion signs with Canyon bikes
Canyon Factory Enduro Teamrider Fabien Barel / Photo: Markus Greber

This year, the Canyon Factory Enduro Team was founded and consists of five team riders. Fabien Barel is the figurehead of the team. That’s why Roman Arnold, CEO of Canyon Bicycles, has a high opinion of Fabien:
“I am happy that Fabien is joining Canyon for the upcoming season. Together we will achieve great things. Fabien has proven in the past that his ideas are trend-setting. But also his character fits well with Canyon’s philosophy.”

It’s for sure that the other team riders Ines Thoma, Marco Bühler and Eugen Maxi Dickerhoff will get the profit of the talented world champion. We can also expect to see Scotsman Joe Barnes build upon his very competitive Enduro skills. Together with Fabien, Joe will form an unbeatable duo that will lead the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. During the Bike Festival Garda Trentino in early May, the new and enthusiastic team will face their first Enduro race while the highlight of the season will be the new Enduro World Series.

For Fabien Barel, this season will be an exciting milestone in his career.
He said: “Debuting in the Enduro World Series with Canyon is ideal for this new challenge. This season will be great for both of us – I can tour with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team and at the same time share my experience to help Canyon going forward in the development of the Gravity sector. I sincerely look forward to the synergy that our mutual passion will drive into MTB.”

Fabien Barel testing his Canyon Strive AL Race / Photo: Markus Greber

Autograph session in Koblenz on April 27th and 28th
Fabien Barel will attend the Canyon Pure Cycling Festival in Koblenz on April 27th and 28th. As part of the Canyon season opener, the three-time world champion will hold an autograph session and meet his fans in person. In addition, there will be a guided Enduro tour with Fabien.

Are you already curious about Fabien Barel and his Canyon bike? Then watch a brand new video clip. It shows, Fabien Barel talking about his role within the Canyon Factory Enduro Team – including shots from one of his first test rides!

Introducing Canyon Factory Enduro Teamrider Joe Barnes

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Wherever they turn up, there is always something going on. Joe Barnes and the “Dudes of Hazzard” are an unbeatable combo and we therefore got them on board very quickly. Joe as the official rider of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team and his colleagues Liam Moynihan and Fergus Lamb – who are also riding Canyon bikes – will support the team throughout the season. The “Dudes of Hazzard” already caused quite a stir on the enduro scene last season and in 2013 the fun-loving and adventurous Scotsman together with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team in the battle for podium places.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present Mr. Joe Barnes

Joe Barnes mit seinem Van

Date of birth: 11.06.88
Domicile: Fort Williams (Scotland)

Hi there Joe, where are you hanging out at the moment? Have you done a runner from the good old Scottish winter?

I am at home in Fort William at the moment. You are correct, the Scottish winter is something to run from and I have been away twice this winter already. One week in Tenerife and one week in Mallorca. Both trips were great fun and a good chance to train and get used to my new bike. It feels nice to be home now, though, doing what I like best, building a new trail and having fun riding bikes in the mud.

As a “Dude of Hazzard” you really stick out like a sore thumb on the scene and are always painting the town red. Now you’ve got all these new responsibilities towards the team, how are you going to juggle everything?

It is funny you should say that as we are actually all very reserved people and generally keep ourselves to ourselves. The number one thing is always professionalism at the races as we are all very competitive. The Lurid Van and comedy scooters at races do stand out though! You wouldn’t want to walk to the shop when you could drive the scooter, it’s all about saving energy;) With Canyon also supporting Liam and Ferg from “the Dudes” it should add to the family atmosphere and I think I will fit in well with the Canyon family and new team surroundings.

In May the Enduro World Series gets underway. What are your aims and how do you see your role in the team?

I can’t wait for the first race in Italy. As it is the first year the World Series is being run I hope to take my strong race craft from racing DH and adapt to the new format straight away. I have always ridden as a privateer in the past so riding for a team set up will provide some great benefits to me, with technical support and also the chat brought on by a team atmosphere. I hope that I can take my own style to the team, gel well with my team mates and get some top results.

Enduro is a way of life. That’s obvious when one watches your videos. What’s a race weekend with the “Dudes” really like then?

We get to the venue and spend about an hour driving round in circles deciding the ultimate location to park. Wind direction, south facing, distance to pits and remoteness all to be considered. Then the scooter comes out and we take it in turns driving about, getting to know our surroundings/having fun. On track, we walk and ride everything a lot and always take line choice really seriously, discussing everything later that evening. Once the biking is done the ping pong table comes out and a quick game to relax usually happens. Potatoes for dinner and then a film in the van to finish the day off nicely. Once the race is done we slowly pack up and are always the last to leave. We really enjoy our racing, competition and also the fun to be had when not peddling your heart out.

Joe Barnes in Action auf Mallorca / Foto:Dudes of Hazzard

You’ve already rocked a few trails on your Strive. What do think of the bike so far? What’s the perfect enduro bike in your eyes?

I have been riding my Strive for a good few months now. The first thing I found was how easy it is to jump onto and just ride. Really comfortable angles and linkage. For enduro a light bike is important and I have been planning my race bike this week. I can’t wait to get on my super light rocket ship once it’s built!

Enduro is tough on the body for sure, so how do you keep yourself in shape?

I started working with a trainer last October and things have been going really well. I feel I have got a good balance between effort and rest, gym and road and never forgetting my trusty mountain bike and skills practice.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a mountain bike pro?
It’s a tricky one as I have always ridden my bike and worked in a bike shop, as that’s all I have wanted to do. I am engineering minded so this was always an option for me, but I think a bit of everything is best. A self employed chief. Film making, handy work and bike mechanic ,with lots of spare time for having fun.

A life without the bike is like…?
Not worth thinking about. Two wheels is the best thing ever.