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Vær med!. Overbevis os om at du er en stor “Purito” fan, og tag med os til Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Han sluttede 2012 sæsonen som nr. 1 på UCI verdensranglisten, og han vil blive æret ved starten af Tour of Catalonia. Han vandt bla. Lombardiet Rundt og Flèche Wallonne.
Han kørte mange dage i den lyserøde førertrøje i Giro d’Italia og den røde førertrøje i Spanien Rundt.
Og han er tændt til 2013 sæsonen.


Vi taler selvfølgelig om Joaquim “Purito” Rodriguez, den enestående spanske rytter på Katusha World Tour Teamet
For få dage siden vandt han en flot sejr i Tirenno-Adriatico, og i dag stiller han med store ambitioner til start i Tour of Catalonia.

Selv om Purito helt sikkert ikke vil mangle motivation, så har vi designet en speciel Aeroad CF til ham, som helt sikkert vil fange de mange fans opmærksomhed, samt de andre ryttere (der forhåbentligt alle er blevet sat af Purito).

Aeroad CF #1 Edition Joaquim

Vi er meget stolte over at kunne tilbyde jer, vores fans, en helt unik mulighed i dag.

Hvad kan du vinde:

Du kan komme med til klassikeren Liège-Bastogne-Liège, og komme helt tæt på Katusha teamet, og selvfølgelig også Purito, når verdenseliten kæmper sig over “La Doyenne”. Du vil selvfølgelig også få muligheden for at møde Purito personligt, og udødeliggøre øjeblikket for dine venner. Vores Social Media Team være med dig og opleve super cykelløb sammen med dig. Vi dækker selvfølgelig rejse og hotel omkostninger.
Vi afholder en speciel præmieudtrækning for alle deltagere med flotte præmier fra Katusha og Canyon.

Hvad skal du gøre:

Som professionel cykelrytter, så er fansene de vigtigste for Purito. Hvis du kan overbevise ham om, at du er hans største fan, så er du den helt rigtige person til at vinde denne super præmie.
Mail os et foto eller en tegning (max. 5 MB), der viser hvor passioneret en fan du er, og overbevis Purito. Brug e-mail adressen, og skriv i emne feltet “I am the biggest Purito fan”. Husk at billedet skal være af dig, og du skal have rettighederne til at bruge det.
Ved at sende os dit foto, så giver du os lov til at publicere det på Facebook og vores andre medie kanaler såsom Twitter og
Deadline for indsendelse er 3. april 2013. Vi forbeholder os ret til at ekskludere modtaget materiale, der indeholder krænkende og upassende fotos. Canyon og Katusha ansatte må ikke deltage.

Hvad sker der herefter?

Vi vil jævnligt uploade alle de fotos vi modtager i et Facebook album, så du kan se, hvem der er ægte Purito fans. Hvis du gerne vil have dit Facebook navn på dit billede, så skriv venligst dette tydeligt i din e-mail ved deltagelsen i konkurrencen. Purito vil gennemse alle fotos og vælge den mest overbevisende fan, og vi vil derefter offentliggøre vinderen på alle vores medie kanaler. Hvis du vinder, så vil vi kontakte dig direkte, og du behøver ikke at gøre mere, end at se frem til fantastisk oplevelse.

Vi ønsker alle deltagerne i konkurrencen held og lykke!

Dit Canyon team

The perfect match: Fabien Barel hits the trail with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Since the beginning of the year there have been rumors, now it’s official: the French mountain bike hero and three-time downhill world champion Fabien Barel joins the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. Fabien Barel’s commitment is not only from a sporting perspective an excellent decision for Canyon. The Frenchman’s long experience in racing and as an educated engineer will greatly contribute to Canyon’s bike development. The 32-year-old has great technical experience and will be able to give a lot of input to the development team.

Three-time world champion signs with Canyon bikes
Canyon Factory Enduro Teamrider Fabien Barel / Photo: Markus Greber

This year, the Canyon Factory Enduro Team was founded and consists of five team riders. Fabien Barel is the figurehead of the team. That’s why Roman Arnold, CEO of Canyon Bicycles, has a high opinion of Fabien:
“I am happy that Fabien is joining Canyon for the upcoming season. Together we will achieve great things. Fabien has proven in the past that his ideas are trend-setting. But also his character fits well with Canyon’s philosophy.”

It’s for sure that the other team riders Ines Thoma, Marco Bühler and Eugen Maxi Dickerhoff will get the profit of the talented world champion. We can also expect to see Scotsman Joe Barnes build upon his very competitive Enduro skills. Together with Fabien, Joe will form an unbeatable duo that will lead the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. During the Bike Festival Garda Trentino in early May, the new and enthusiastic team will face their first Enduro race while the highlight of the season will be the new Enduro World Series.

For Fabien Barel, this season will be an exciting milestone in his career.
He said: “Debuting in the Enduro World Series with Canyon is ideal for this new challenge. This season will be great for both of us – I can tour with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team and at the same time share my experience to help Canyon going forward in the development of the Gravity sector. I sincerely look forward to the synergy that our mutual passion will drive into MTB.”

Fabien Barel testing his Canyon Strive AL Race / Photo: Markus Greber

Autograph session in Koblenz on April 27th and 28th
Fabien Barel will attend the Canyon Pure Cycling Festival in Koblenz on April 27th and 28th. As part of the Canyon season opener, the three-time world champion will hold an autograph session and meet his fans in person. In addition, there will be a guided Enduro tour with Fabien.

Are you already curious about Fabien Barel and his Canyon bike? Then watch a brand new video clip. It shows, Fabien Barel talking about his role within the Canyon Factory Enduro Team – including shots from one of his first test rides!

Introducing Canyon Factory Enduro Teamrider Joe Barnes

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Wherever they turn up, there is always something going on. Joe Barnes and the “Dudes of Hazzard” are an unbeatable combo and we therefore got them on board very quickly. Joe as the official rider of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team and his colleagues Liam Moynihan and Fergus Lamb – who are also riding Canyon bikes – will support the team throughout the season. The “Dudes of Hazzard” already caused quite a stir on the enduro scene last season and in 2013 the fun-loving and adventurous Scotsman together with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team in the battle for podium places.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present Mr. Joe Barnes

Joe Barnes mit seinem Van

Date of birth: 11.06.88
Domicile: Fort Williams (Scotland)

Hi there Joe, where are you hanging out at the moment? Have you done a runner from the good old Scottish winter?

I am at home in Fort William at the moment. You are correct, the Scottish winter is something to run from and I have been away twice this winter already. One week in Tenerife and one week in Mallorca. Both trips were great fun and a good chance to train and get used to my new bike. It feels nice to be home now, though, doing what I like best, building a new trail and having fun riding bikes in the mud.

As a “Dude of Hazzard” you really stick out like a sore thumb on the scene and are always painting the town red. Now you’ve got all these new responsibilities towards the team, how are you going to juggle everything?

It is funny you should say that as we are actually all very reserved people and generally keep ourselves to ourselves. The number one thing is always professionalism at the races as we are all very competitive. The Lurid Van and comedy scooters at races do stand out though! You wouldn’t want to walk to the shop when you could drive the scooter, it’s all about saving energy;) With Canyon also supporting Liam and Ferg from “the Dudes” it should add to the family atmosphere and I think I will fit in well with the Canyon family and new team surroundings.

In May the Enduro World Series gets underway. What are your aims and how do you see your role in the team?

I can’t wait for the first race in Italy. As it is the first year the World Series is being run I hope to take my strong race craft from racing DH and adapt to the new format straight away. I have always ridden as a privateer in the past so riding for a team set up will provide some great benefits to me, with technical support and also the chat brought on by a team atmosphere. I hope that I can take my own style to the team, gel well with my team mates and get some top results.

Enduro is a way of life. That’s obvious when one watches your videos. What’s a race weekend with the “Dudes” really like then?

We get to the venue and spend about an hour driving round in circles deciding the ultimate location to park. Wind direction, south facing, distance to pits and remoteness all to be considered. Then the scooter comes out and we take it in turns driving about, getting to know our surroundings/having fun. On track, we walk and ride everything a lot and always take line choice really seriously, discussing everything later that evening. Once the biking is done the ping pong table comes out and a quick game to relax usually happens. Potatoes for dinner and then a film in the van to finish the day off nicely. Once the race is done we slowly pack up and are always the last to leave. We really enjoy our racing, competition and also the fun to be had when not peddling your heart out.

Joe Barnes in Action auf Mallorca / Foto:Dudes of Hazzard

You’ve already rocked a few trails on your Strive. What do think of the bike so far? What’s the perfect enduro bike in your eyes?

I have been riding my Strive for a good few months now. The first thing I found was how easy it is to jump onto and just ride. Really comfortable angles and linkage. For enduro a light bike is important and I have been planning my race bike this week. I can’t wait to get on my super light rocket ship once it’s built!

Enduro is tough on the body for sure, so how do you keep yourself in shape?

I started working with a trainer last October and things have been going really well. I feel I have got a good balance between effort and rest, gym and road and never forgetting my trusty mountain bike and skills practice.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a mountain bike pro?
It’s a tricky one as I have always ridden my bike and worked in a bike shop, as that’s all I have wanted to do. I am engineering minded so this was always an option for me, but I think a bit of everything is best. A self employed chief. Film making, handy work and bike mechanic ,with lots of spare time for having fun.

A life without the bike is like…?
Not worth thinking about. Two wheels is the best thing ever.


The Enduro World Series 2013

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

For the first time in 2013, an enduro race series will be held under the auspices of the newly founded Enduro Mountain Bike Association.
The organization and race series was founded in 2012 to unite the international enduro community as well as to further promote the discipline among the riders and the bike industry as a whole.
The Enduro World Series combines the biggest mountain bike enduro events in the world.

Canyon Enduro Road Trip 2012 /  Foto: Markus Greber

It begins with an event on the demanding, but also flowing trails around Punta Ala in Italy against the ideal backdrop of the Mediterranean. The series then moves on to the alpine trails in Val d’Allos in France before making its way overseas to the high-profile events of the international gravity scene such as the Colorado Freeride Festival in the USA and the Crankworx Festival in Whistler/Canada.

The seven events in the World Enduro Series will be staged in four different countries and on two continents.
We can hardly wait to see how our new Canyon Factory Enduro Team will fair on the world’s trails this season. It promises to be an exciting season all round, especially now that all the top riders on the enduro scene will be coming together to do battle in their very own category.

Here are the dates of all this season’s events at a glance.

18.05.2013 – 19.05.2013 | Superenduro PRO – Punta Ala, Italy
29.06.2013 – 30.06.2013 | Enduro World Series – Val d’Allos, France
06.07.2013 – 07.07.2013 | Crankworx Les 2 Alpes – Les 2 Alpes. France
27.07.2013 – 28.07.2013 | Colorado Freeride Festival – Winter Park, USA
10.08.2013 – 11.08.2013 | Crankworx Whistler – Whistler, Canada
24.08.2013 – 25.08.2013 | Enduro Des Nations – Val d’Isere, France
19.10.2013 – 20.10.2013 | Superenduro PRO – Finale Ligure, Italy

Further information on the Enduro World Series is available on the official website or on its own Facebook fan page

Next one please: Introducing Canyon Factory Enduro Teamrider Marco Bühler

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

At the tender age of just 20 Marco Bühler is the youngster in the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. In his relatively short career he has already achieved several successes and we are very happy to be accompanying him on his career path in the enduro pro scene. One thing is certain – we are sure to hear a lot more from this young man this season, because Marco is very highly motivated and just can’t wait to start competing!

Name: Marco Bühler
Date of birth: 10. June 1992
Domicile: Gunzesried / Allgäu, Germany

Portrait Marco Bühler / Foto: Privat

Trek Bike Attack Lenzerheide 2012: 14th place
Milka Wheels of Speed Amateur Willingen 2012: 5th place
Specialized Enduro Series Sammerberg 2012: 13th place
Specialized Enduro Series Kirchberg 2012: 15th place
Specialized Enduro Series 2012: 14th place
Crema Cycle Short Track Willingen 2012: 3rd place
CaiDom Brixen 2011: 9th place

Hi Marco,
Congratulations. We are happy that you are part of the new Canyon Factory Enduro Team.

Just a few years ago enduro was one of the rather more exotic disciplines. This year the first Enduro World Series gets underway and this is great development. How did you get into cycling and above all enduro sport? Do you have a particular role model who inspired you?

Thank you very much. I am really looking forward to the new team and the coming season with the new Enduro World Series.
When I was 15 years old I initially got into mountain biking through my dad. Therefore, at the start I didn’t have the fitness and experience in competitive cross country events, which most of my rivals have. My first race proper was the Trek Bike Attack in the Lenzerheide region, which is still one of the highlights in my racing season. In the following season I began riding events for the Mountain Heroes and then became involved in enduro sport.
One of my greatest role models is Rene Wildhaber, one of the fastest riders in enduro sport. However, this isn’t the only reason I admire him. I also think he is a very interesting personality. He is very down-to-earth and also lives and breathes for the sport and the mountains. Mario Thoma is also another of my role models. He was my former team manager on the Mountain Heroes squad and a very good friend. Mario was himself a very successful downhill racer in the past.

You already know Canyon bikes from your time with the Mountain Heroes. Tell us a little about your experiences with the team bike Strive.

For me the Strive is the perfect bike for almost every type of racing. It is a great bike for fast pedaling, suppresses squat and is a great climber as well. On the downhill the rider will appreciate the true strengths of the Strive. The somewhat shorter wheel base and the lower bottom bracket combine to make the bike lively, agile and the rider feels at home in any type of terrain. Whether you’re riding at extremely high speeds or in blocked terrain, the Strive is top notch.

Voller Einsatz beim Dakine Trailfox 2012

2013 will be your first season as a pro rider. What are you looking forward to most and what are your major aims for the season?
“The term pro sounds strange to me, because for me my role models or riders I look up to are the pros.
Most of all I’m looking forward to the new team, my new teammates and above all to riding races again. This year I’ll be concentrating on the German Enduro Series and a few other races as well, including events that are part of the World Series. For me the most important thing is to improve my results and performances and to continue enjoy riding my bike. ”

How are you preparing for the start of the season?

It is important for me in winter to take my mind of cycling for a while, so I do a lot of cross country skiing, training in the gym or in the indoor climbing centre. In the middle of February I’m back on the bike and off to Sospel in France for the training camp. At the start of April the first races get underway in France.

What do you do when you’re not riding your bike?

That’s a tough question. In winter my biggest passion is the snow and skiing. I’m currently in the process of becoming a state certified Ski Instructor. In the summer I would like to do some more climbing and touring in the mountains since the mountains mean everything to me. I’m also currently studying business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten.

Thank you for your time and have a great start into the new season!

Gold for Canyon Young Hero Eva Maria Palm – Belgian champion in individual pursuit

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

What a day for Canyon Young Hero Eva Maria! The 15 year old young Belgian scooped 3 national championships in Gent on her Canyon V-Drome in her age group.
Gold in the 2000 meter individual pursuit, silver in the scratch race and bronze in the points race.
We congratulate Eva on this outstanding performance and wish Eva Maria all the best for the new season and are really looking forward to supporting her in her second season as a Canyon Young Hero. Here’s to an exciting and successful year!

Belgische Landesmeisterin Eva Maria Palm

Here is Eva’s own race report 11.02.2013

“As I had the best time over 2000 meters all winter it was my main aim to become Belgian champion over this distance! I combine cyclocross – that is very popular in Belgium – with the track in winter. This year doing both went quite well, but next year I don’t think that will be possible and I’ll have to choose between one of the two disciplines.
At the end of December 2012 I finished second at the Belgian championships in the omnium. I was very disappointed that I lost due to a poor decision by the race referee…”
Two weeks later I finished third in the Belgian cyclocross championships. I was again disappointed because I crashed on the first lap because of one of the elite lady riders (in Belgium the elite women start 30 seconds ahead of the female juniors. However many young riders are better than the elite women, resulting in them being caught, which then causes chaos!). I finished as the first U-17 rider, however this is irrelevant since U-17 and U-19 women are together in one category.

One week later, despite considerable back and knee pain, I took part in the Belgian track championships in various sprint competitions. I only started in these events to get valuable experience as the sprint is one of my main weaknesses.

I only had one thing on my mind. I just had to win…
This weekend everything just had to go right. On Saturday it was the scratch race. The race went well, but as always, I took up a poor position and was only able to make up some ground with a long drawn out sprint. However it was not quite enough and I had to be content with second place. Sunday was my big day and I had just one thing on my mind. I had to win. I have already had to endure so many disappointments. Second place in the road race championship, second place in the MTB race, third place in the cyclocross, and second place in the ominium!

Auf los gehts los: Startschuss für Eva Maria auf ihrem Canyon V-Drome

I knew that I had it in me to take the victory therefore I rolled up to the start and gave absolutely everything I had! As I was the last rider to start I only had to concentrate on my own time and knew at once that I had won it. My time of 2:39,681 wasn’t exactly what I had been aiming for as I had already ridden a faster time than that with a time of 2:38,510. I won with a gap of around 2 seconds and was finally able to feel happy! After all those podium places I was mega pleased about finally landing a gold medal even though if I’m really honest I’d have preferred to have won the cyclocross or MTB titles. However that is something for me to win next time! In the afternoon I did take third place in the points race.

Eva Maria Palm auf  dem Weg zu Gold

Now the winter season is over and I can now start preparing for the summer season. Hopefully the 2013 season will be as informative as last season was. 2012 certainly wouldn’t have been so great if I had not had so much support from Canyon! The track and time-trialling wouldn’t even have been possible! Getting the place on the Canyon Young Heroes team has given me a lot of motivation and I hope that will stay that way!
Thank you!

Greetings from Eva

Canyon Factory Enduro Teamrider Maxi Dickerhoff

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Introducing Maxi Dickerhoff

Name: Eugen-Maximilian Dickerhoff
Domicile: Altenstadt (Oberbayern) / Königsbrunn (Augsburg)
Date of birth: 19.06.1988
MTB since: 2002
Racing since: 2004

Portrait Maxi Dickerhoff / Foto: Manuel Sulzer

Hi Maxi. We are pleased to welcome you to the Canyon Factory Enduro Team.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into cycling? What fascinates you about this sport?

Hi all. Many of you probably know me already as an integral part of the MTB editorial office [IBC] therefore it won’t be news to some of you that I have been an enthusiastic race rider for ages. I discovered MTB sport when I was able to observe the then reigning Swiss Downhill Champion Claudio Caluori during his downhill training in the Graubündner Scuol when I was on my annual summer kayak holiday with my family in 2002. The speed, the extremes and above all Claudio’s bike handling captured me to such an extent that just a few days later I myself tried to ride the easy section of the course. The fun and the fascination have stayed with me until this day.

You have been successful in the gravity scene for years now, above all in downhill. Now you are starting off in the enduro scene. What do you want to achieve in your first season with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team? How do you see your chances at the first Enduro World Series?

My downhill background has always been of use to me in enduro events. 80% of the timed sections take place on downhill routes and are, depending on the series, not all that easy. Anyone who can fly down the course in true downhill style already has a really strong hand. My aim is therefore to position myself right at the front, above all in demanding downhill focused events in order to collect important points for the overall classification in the newly founded Enduro World Series. With Tibor as Team Manager and my teammate Ines, Marco and Joe we are really well positioned to be up right there in the mix in the overall rankings at the World Series.

As an editor at [IBC] you are literally at the source of information and always up to date as far as the latest trends are concerned. What do you make of the development in the enduro scene over the last few years and where do you think the sport is ultimately heading?

The popularity, which enduro racing is currently enjoying, is massive. I don’t know of any other discipline in the sport which has received such a lot of hype in recent times as enduro racing has. In every country enduro series are emerging – all of them are based on a fundamental format similar to that of car rally sport with various rounds and interim stages although there are often major differences in the interpretation of the regulations. These differences within a single discipline did not exist in the past in bike sport and this is exactly the reason why enduro appeals to so many different mountain bikers and unites riders from all kinds of disciplines.
The fact that enduro is one of the few MTB trends that is swooping across to North America from Europe and not the other way round as is normally the case in the MTB industry demonstrates that the discipline has a real future. Therefore, there is still plenty that awaits us in the future. I only hope that the attractive diversity of enduro sport remains for a very long time to come.

Standbild Video / Film: Benni Klose

You’ve been riding your new enduro full suspension Strive for some time now. What was your initial impression? What makes a perfect enduro bike in your eyes?

The first impression was, as expected, very positive. I can now determine in advance and with a great deal of accuracy with the help of detailed geometry data whether a bike is suitable for me or not. I set great store by a long main frame, a short rear triangle, a high front end and a low bottom bracket. The Strive had all these features combined, and I knew this because I had already studied the bike very closely in advance. My first ride out on the bike confirmed all my expectations.
Unfortunately the weather over the last few weeks here in the foothills of the Alps hasn’t exactly played into our hands – the mix between rain, snow and cold hasn’t made rides out on my new Strive particularly inviting, which is why I can’t yet provide you with any more accurate and entertaining feedback on the bike. But at the end of February we finally make our way south where I’ll be able to really saddle up and have mega fun!

Have a look at the first test rides on the Strive AL (filmed by Benni Klose)

Pick Up Snow Fun! von metalfreak – mehr Mountainbike-Videos

Fitness, a good clean riding style, power and concentration – enduro places considerable demands on the rider. How do you prepare for the season and keep yourself fit?

As I’ve already mentioned, the God of weather Petrus seems to be very moody at the moment. The changeable weather makes it difficult to pursue a consistent training program outdoors. As far as the snow permits, I try to do as much cross country skiing as possible. When there isn’t much snow, I plod my way through the slush and mud and this training is then polished off with the usual hours I spend in the gym and indoor climbing centre.

Where can one see you when you’re not out training on your bike?

Well now, you won’t get that many opportunities! Anyone involved in bike sport whether it’s a hobby or job, won’t really have time for anything else. I would like, however, in the near future to get myself a motocross bike to clear my head and take my mind off cycling for just a while. And if I’m doing something that’s totally unconnected with bike sport, then you’ll find me with a camera in my hand, because photography is something that really does help me get away from it all.

Thank you for your time Maxi! We wish you a very successful start into the season.
We can’t wait!

Livsstil, action, sjov – Enduro

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Starten er gået, Du træder hårdt i pedalerne og får kadencen op. Du hamrer opad korte stejle stigninger med mere og mere fart. Når du når toppen, så tager du en dyb indånding, vælger den bedste linje og accelerer igen. Dit mål er at komme ned ad sporet så hurtigt som muligt. Du flyver igennem de skarpe sving efterladende dine konkurrenter bag dig. Dit hjerte banker løs og et adrenalinsus følger det næste. Der er kun dig, din cykel og denne vanvittige nedkørsel.
Sjov, action og frihed. Dette er mountainbiking i sin reneste form – Pure Cycling når det er bedst. Dette er enduro!

Strive for the podium

Der er vel næppe et magasin, der ikke skriver om det, og næppe en producent, der ikke tilbyder specielle cykler eller tøj til enduro. Siden sidste sæson er enduro kommet på alles læber. I 2013 vil der endda være premiere på Enduro World Series. Men hvad dækker ordet enduro egentlig?

Hvad er Enduro?
Enduro blev først brugt indenfor motor cross, og det stammer fra det engelske ord endurance. Indenfor mountainbiking, så dækker ordet enduro meget mere end blot et andet ord for en disciplin.
Kort sagt, så kan man ikke bare indskrænke ordet enduro til kun én betydning. Der er ingen standard, da enduro er en blanding mellem XC og downhill discipliner – en spændende variation mellem korte stigninger og teknisk krævende super hurtige nedkørsler. Også selve konkurrencerne er meget forskellige. Der er individuelle starter, samlede starter og i nogle konkurrencer gælder tiden for hele ruten, eller kun på nedkørslerne. Snart alt er muligt.


Trangen til eventyr,
Trangen til at prøve noget nyt, udholdenhed, fighter vilje og mest af alt glæden ved at cykle, det er det der gør enduro så speciel. Ryttere fra flere og flere andre discipliner skifter til enduro scenen. Uanset om de kommer fra 4cross, downhill eller XC, så er enduro åbent for alle. Men vil man have succes, så skal man træne superhårdt. Denne sport kræver meget af rytteren, der optimalt skulle besidde styrke, udholdenhed, god køreteknik, alsidighed og høj koncentrationsevne.

Canyon Factory Enduro Team
I løbet af de næste dage, så vil vi introducere vores nye team for dig. Hvem taler vi om?. Vi taler om skotske pro Joe Barnes, de tyske topryttere Ines Thoma, Marco Bühler og Maxi Dickerhoff. Og så har vi…, ja, du må vente lidt længere for at høre, hvem der eller er med i teamet…..
Cyklen de vil køre på i 2013, er vores enduro cykel Strive Race. Deres mission er at opnå topresultater!
Du kan se frem til spændende interviews, flotte billeder og mest af alt, en super sæson med det nye Canyon Factory Enduro Team, spændende løb og nogle flotte sejre!

Thomas Genon og Anton Thelander indgår samarbejde med Canyon

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Unge, nytænkende, kreative og talentfulde: fire karakteristika der beskriver slopestyle & dirt riders Thomas Genon og Anton Thelander. Deres passion, men også deres erfaringer og knowhow i sporten, var de vigtigste begrundelser for at Canyon tog disse to atleter ombord. En win-win situation for begge parter: Thomas og Anton får en professionel og respekteret partner til at støtte dem, og samtidigt skubber de udviklingen fremad i gravity sektoren for det tyske mærke.

Thomas und Anton mit ihren neuen Canyon Bikes / Copyright: Markus Greber

Thomas Genon og Anton Thelander tilhører den unge generation af freeriders, der har fokuseret på dirt og slopestyle i en del år. Deres talent og nytænkning er et frisk pust på freeride scenen. Det utroligt store potentiale hos 19-årige Thomas er tydelig: Sidste sæson henrykkede han cykelverdenen med sin sejr i Red Bull Joyride i Whistler. Da FMB World Tour2012 sæsonen sluttede, var Thomas nr. tre i den samlede stilling – en utrolig bedrift for så ung en rytter. Ved Nine Knights 2012, overraskede den svenske rookie Anton Thelander både ryttere og dommer med sin præstation, og han vandt “ruler of the week” prisen.

For begge atleter er partnerskabet med Canyon en ny vigtig milesten i deres unge karriere.
Canyon grundlægger og CEO Roman Arnold er imponeret over de to atleter: “Med deres positive attitude, så videregiver Thomas og Anton flot deres entusiasme for sporten. Og det er også det Canyon: Pure Cycling. Sammen med disse unge mænd, så vil vi dele passionen og udvilke cykler, der møder de højeste krav, og på samme tid have så meget køreglæde som muligt.”

Thomas und Anton im Gespräch mit dem Canyon Entwicklungsteam /  Copyright: Markus Greber

Professional cykling er en vigtig del af Canyon. Koblenz producenten samarbejder med verdens bedste cykelryttere for år efter år, at blive ved med at kunne forbedre sine cykler. Disse to unge ryttere kunne ikke være mere begejstrede over at skulle med Canyon på denne rejse.

Thomas kan ikke vente med at komme i gang “Jeg er meget glad for at kunne arbejde sammen med et så stort mærke som Canyon. Roman, R&D teamet, Anton og jeg sad sammen og diskuterede vores mål. Sammen vil vi lave en super cool cykel – ikke kun til os, men også til vores fans. Så hold øje med hvad der sker i denne sæson!”
For at lære deres ny partner bedre at kende, så besøgte Thomas og Anton Canyon hovedkvarteret i Koblenz midt i januar. Der havde de muligheden for at kigge ind i Canyons verden og komme bag kulisserne.

Kroning af Canyon Aeroad CF og “Purito” Rodriguez

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Det har været officielt siden sidste lørdag. 2012 sæsonen er slut, og for andet år i træk er Canyon Aeroad CF kronet som den mest succesulde cykel på UCI World Tour. Efter at Philippe Gilbert i 2011 snuppede den ene sejr efter den anden på denne angrebscykel, så var det i år Joaquim “Purito” Rodriguez tur til at tage UCI titlen – og det gjorde han med stil.

Han lagde grundlaget for Aeroad CF titel forsvaret med etapesejre i Tirreno-Adriatico og Baskerlandet Rundet, hans sejr i Flèche Wallonne, og hans utrolige kørsel iført den lyserøde førertrøje i Giro d’Italia, hvor han sluttede på en samlet andenplads, kun 16 sek. efter vinderen Ryder Hesjedal.

Weiter im Rosa Trikot Joaquim Rodriguez, 12. Etappe Seravezza - Sestri Levante, GIRO d'ITALIA  2012 / Foto: ROTH-FOTO

I hans anden store etapeløb i 2012 sæsonen, Vuelta a Espana i hjemlandet Spanien, imponerede Purito igen med tre etapesejre og mange dage i den røde førertrøje, inden han til allersidst måtte se sig slået af hans spanske rivaler Contador og Valverde.

I sit sidste løb i 2012 sæsonen, sikrede Purito sig kronen ved at vinde Tour of Lombardy, et monument indenfor cykelsporten. Han overtog dermed førstepladsen på UCI ranglisten foran Bradley Wiggins, med en total på 692 point, hvilket er 91 point foran Wiggins og 282 point foran Tom Boonen.

Etappensieger Purito, Spanien-Rundfahrt 2012, 12. Etappe / Foto: ROTH

I holdkonkurrencen vandt britiske Sky team den samlede sejr, fulgt af det russiske Katusha team, der er sponseret af Canyon.

Canyon & Katusha: Lær af hinanden, vind sammen