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Hy all,

I know that the time right now remains a little bit of the autumn. Maybe I can give you with the following pictures some warm thoughts in that cold time right now…;)

Here we go, Boris Kraus an artist from bikers-illustrated portry my face as an comic. It’s a honor to me!!! Big “thanks” to Boris.
Check out his webpage: www.bikers-illustrated.de

Further Marzocchi suspension and Formula brakes put some impressive pictures we took in Torbole/Italy on their webpages!!!
Thank you to my sponsors Marzocchi and Formula!


Furthermore you can find some coverage in “Alpenguide/D” , “MTB Rider/UK”, “Freeride/D” and the “Lagobiker/I”.

But check the “Screamshot” at first – the best example how it should not be done.

Two projects I did was to built up a light and stiff Canyon stitched 4X bike. It’s a stitched ltd. frame with titanium bolts, very light and with lots of special parts.
Special thanks to Acros who desinged me his first silver group of parts they built with a black lasing. Awesome!!!

The second project is the new Canyon AM frame in purpleblue. The raw fininsh of the frame is a prototype version with lightblue stickers.
Check out the pics:

Ok, and last, which was really cool, was one of biggest bike events, also known as euope’s season opener, Riva’s BIKE Festival in Italy.
There are severall races and shows going on that weekend. I decided to race the 4X on Friday night. It’s funny cause more than the guys are way younger than me. But once a racer always a racer;).
I finished 2nd in the final… Yeah!!! Racing is life!
Check out some raceaction on pure cycling TV

On Saturday there is always a BBQ going on at the expo area. It’s pretty cool to hang out with all the people and enjoing the time at the lago. I had the idea to brew some more of the homemade “Tibor’s dirter Bräu”, exactely 130 0,5l bottles to celebrate this good time…
Special thanks to Michael Koneberg aka “ Much” who was the brewmaster!!!

Thanks for your time…

I’ll wish u a good time and a nice sommer…


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