Successful start to the season with 1st place in the Mosel Triathlon

I decided at the last minute to take part in the 2nd Mosel Triathlon in Zell and was able to get off to a winning start in the 2010 season. After the swimming section I was able to take the lead in the women’s race in 20:43 minutes. The second discipline was marked by a demanding cycling route and persistent rain. Therefore it wasn’t simply a question of getting the better of the competition but also of braving the cold temperatures. After a time of 1:11:56 minutes in the cycling section I was able to enter the second transition area at the head of the race. The transition proved to be a very difficult affair with frozen hands and feet and it was not until 5 kilometres into the run that I got the feeling back in my feet. Nevertheless, I was able to run the fastest time with 41:05 and also scoop overall victory, crossing the finish line in a time of 2:13:44.

Aside from my win it was a very nice event with very many committed volunteers and spectators along the route. Obviously, even the best event organiser in the world can’t do anything about the miserable weather.


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