24hr World Championship: Ergon 24 Racing Team defends their silver medal

Ergon Team 24 riders and Benjamin Brochhagen were able to defend their position as the World’s second best two man 24 hour team while Trevor Allen, going for the solo title, crashed heavily causing him to pull out.

“24 hours is a long time. A lot can happen. We will give it everything that we have to try to take the title with us this time” fighting talk from Kim Tofaute just before the start of the race.

In the first 12 hours the race developed into a real battle for the lead of the 2 man classification. Kim and Benny were wheel on wheel with the AS Group-Quantec team. Neither wanted to give away an inch, and attacks and counter attacks came consistently. It was at the beginning of the second 12 hours that the race was decided. Benny and Kim had a moment, and were unable to answer an attack, and although there was still a long way to ride, they were unable to reel in the other team.

Overall though, the race was a success. They matched and defended their positions in the world rankings. Benny said following the race “It was a really difficult race. We started with such a high pace from the off. It took a lot out of us. The result though is good. I am pleased.”

Trevor had less of a successful race. Starting strong he managed to make it forwards to 5th position. The 13th hour however saw Trevor crash – with 37 laps ridden. Fearing a broken arm, he pulled out of the race, disappointed. “I am deflated. I would have managed the podium, I am sure.” Fortunately for Trevor, it was later found not to be broken.

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