Introducing the Canyon Young Heroes: Thomas Capponi

Hello readers,

My name is Thomas Copponi and I’m from Marseille in France. I’m a very versatile cyclist. I ride road races, cyclo cross and MTB.


When I first heard about the Young Heroes initiative it was clear to me that I simply had to be part of that team. Therefore, I got my application ready and sent it off to Canyon. I could hardly wait until I got a reply, but when I finally did I was really happy until I read the contents of the letter – I was still too young and should apply again a year later. After a further year my dream then became reality.

My first year with the Young Heroes was unbelievable! Whether it was riding together with Erik Zabel or visiting cities and countries that I didn’t yet know, it was simply sensational to get to know and have fun with other riders from around the world! All this was polished off by a perfectly equipped bike and the jerseys that made us look like the pros.


In my first year I started in the team at the Vattenfall-Classics and faired really well. It was a unique experience for all of us since it was the first time that we were competing in an international team.

One year later I won the Bouches du Rhône and was third in the Tour du Rhônes on the road. In addition, I became French individual pursuit champion. As if all that wasn’t enough I also became champion of Provence and was successful in the cyclo cross at the Bouches du Rhône. In the first race I finshed 27th and in the 2nd and 3rd heats I finished 6th both times.

In 2011 I plan to achieve further success with the Young Heroes whether it’s on the road, in cyclo cross or on the mountain bike.

I am looking forward to experiencing many memorable moments with the Young Heroes this year!

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