Introducing the Canyon Young Heroes: James Wood

Dear readers,

My name is James Wood, I’m 15 years old and I’m from London. I’ve been cycling for 9 years and since 2005 I’ve been successful on both the triathlon and road racing scenes. My father has played a pivotal role in my successes to date and from the age of 6 he took me with him to the Darenth Cycling Club in London. From then on it was clear to me that I want to continue cycling and someday become a pro rider.

Last year I got to know about the Young Heroes Team purely by chance. A link on the website aroused my interest so much that I immediately sent my application to Koblenz. I then received the great news that I had been accepted onto the Young Heroes Team for 2011.

My biggest successes came in the 2010 GHS time-trials in England where I finished 3rd in my age group. In addition, in the qualification for the GHS I finished in 1st place and also finished 1st in the Crystal Palace Summer Race League 11 and 18. All in all it was a great year and most of all it was a year where I learned a huge amount!

For the 2011 season I hope to do the very best I can. I would like to gain as much experience as I can and be successful at the British Championships and GHS finals. In addition, I’m looking forward to making new friends, who have fallen in love with the sport and enjoy pursuing it as much as I do. Above all, I’m excited about getting to know big names such as Erik Zabel and getting tips from them.

See you soon

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