Rider position optimization in the Mercedes GP windtunnel

On 27 January we were at Drag2zero in the Mercedes GP windtunnel. I must admit that when I see the entire infrastructure and the truck pool at the Formula 1 team I become really envious. You always think you are putting a great deal of effort in but in comparison to Formula 1 in cycle sport it’s a drop in the ocean. The Formula 1 team has 12 trucks with equipment we can only dream of. They, however, have a much greater budget than us. I was simply happy that we were able to be their guests.

The result is also very pleasing. I didn’t think that we had so much room for improvement. As is often the case, it’s the little things that make all the difference. If one for example slightly over stretches the wrists, then that significantly improves the aerodynamics and the helmet should always be just touching the rider’s back. Apart from that it’s not really possible to generalize as everybody is of a different build and the circulation of air around the rider’s body varies.

The 3 riders were very satisfied. They invested 2 days of their precious time, and I’m also always happy when such an exercise has been worth it and that is certainly the case here. Now it’s up to the riders to get used to the new positions on the bike when training and to turn this into measurable results.

Our cameraman also accompanied us to Britain and succeeded in getting a few shots – that wasn’t so easy because filming is actually forbidden all over the complex. Have fun with the film!

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