Gorilla custom design for André Greipel

New design, same goals: André Greipel received a custom design Canyon Ultimate CF SLX to get in on future sprint finishes. The main element in this design: a gorilla on the down and head tubes. The white elements of the design are coated with a specific reflective tape so that the logo as well as the gorilla can unfold their entire luminosity in the sun light or on flash photos.

The choice of a gorilla is not a coincidence. André’s nickname is “Gorilla”. We asked him how he got his nickname:

The top sprinter of the Belgian professional team Omega Pharma-Lotto worked closely with Canyon Bicycles and artist Boris Krauß. “Of course I asked myself what I would like best on my bike. I quickly came to the conclusion that it should be a gorilla with an aggressive look”, André explained when he collected his first frame.


A special part in the success of this design has the artist of the gorilla’s head. Boris Krauss ( www.riders-illustrated.com ) has already earned his stripes in the MTB scene. But road bike motifs fascinate him just as much. “Most appealing was the fact that this was not just for anyone, but for a high-flying professional team and the most successful rider of last season. Since it is always very important to create something special, striking, something never before seen, I see this project as an interesting opportunity to set new visual emphases in the road racing scene”, Boris said in a brief interview. “Above all, the gorilla had to look energized, impulsive, brute and aggressive. Exactly what you want from André Greipel during a race. It was also of great importance that the gorilla was designed to fit in with the already existing Canyon design, adapting it to the frame. In style and colour. I think with the scaled down, very graphic implementation and colouring, yet paying attention to tiny details, I was able to manage it.”

We wish André every success and we look forward to more exciting racing!

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