Dalby Forest: Superb performance from Robert Mennen

Last week the Topeak Ergon Racing Team realized just how small the margins are in a race. Robert Mennen rode a good race finishing in 38th place. If one considers that the young star started in 80th position and moved up 40 places, this result seems all the more impressive. When asked about his performance Robert said, “After the disaster at the World Cup in Pietermaritzburg I had something to prove. It went really well for me right from the start. I found a great line and was able to leave many of my rivals behind. During the six laps I moved up steadily through the field. The result has put me in confident mood for the German championships”.


However, the race didn’t go so well for Alban Lakata. The marathon world champion started in 69th place and moved up 40 places in the first two laps, but was swept back into 55th place during the course of the race. “I have modified my training to focus on the marathon world championships. I made a good start, but during the course of the event I lacked the strength to move further up the field”, said the Austrian after the event.


It was a similar story for Wolfram Kurschat. The father of three started well, but couldn’t find his usual form. He finished in 59th place.


Irina Kalentieva could not start in England due to problems with her visa.

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