German XC championships – two Topeak-Ergon Racing riders on the podium

In a race that was nail-biting right up to the finish Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen scooped second and third places respectively at this year’s German Cross Country championships. The race, which started at 2 p.m., was characterized by a long climb in the “Bullentäle”, where Wolfram Kurschat was able to demonstrate all his strength and take metres out of his fiercest pursuers time and time again. However, on the downhill Moritz Milatz always made up the distance and was able to ride in the “Wolfman’s” slipstream. As early as the second lap all the riders – with the exception of Robert Mennen, Moritz Milatz and the in-form Wolfram Kurschat – gave in to the extremely high pace.

On the last lap it was a typical sight at the foot of the long climb. However on this particular lap fate did not look kindly on Wolfram. As he began powering into the pedals to catapult his Grand Canyon CF up the hill, his chain came off , allowing Moritz Milatz to slip past him and reach the top of the hill first. Although Wolfram burnt rubber and caught the new leader again, he wasn’t able to open up a sufficiently large gap on Milatz before the final descent, where he is much stronger. At the finish line Moritz Milatz was 12 seconds ahead of Wolfram Kurschat in a time of 1:36.49.1. Up and coming rider Robert Mennen finished the event in an outstanding third place in a time of 1:39.30.4.

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