It’s getting better! 3rd place in the regional championships and 7th overall in Maxdorf

Last weekend I was in action for the DBL team RSG Montabaur in the league. In Maxdorf a mid-distance event was on the programme and for me this meant a further test before the Roth challenge. The cycling route in Maxdorf is renowned for being difficult. The climb up to Lindemannsruh with its 100 metres of elevation makes it one of the more demanding on the scene.

The race kicked off at 9.00 sharp and I plunged myself into the Lambsheimer Weiher along with 600 other starters. After a modest swimming section at the Tristar and a very poor one in the second division (Büdingen), this time I was able demonstrate an improved level of form even though I didn’t finish in the first group, but finished in 23rd place in the second large group at the end of the 2 kilometre section. I realised that intensive training really does help! Perhaps it was also down to the new Neo (thanks to blueseventy).

I took up the chase in pleasant temperatures and caught several other athletes by the time I’d reached the highest point of the course which meant that after 25 kms on the bike I had already moved into seventh place. Unfortunately it wasn’t all plain sailing and it took me a further 40 km until I caught Alex Taubert and after 85 km went into the 2nd changeover zone back in sixth place.


After I handed over my Canyon Speedmax CF and slipped on my running shoes, I set off on the 20 km run. It was 2 10-kilometre laps with a turning point after 5 km and easy to run and as I’d never been to Maxdorf before, it wasn’t going to be boring for me anyway. I was quickly able to find a very good rhythm and I felt a little tired after the training of the previous week and the tough cycling section, but was still easily able to cope with running section.

At the turning point at 5 km I was able to see the distances both in front of me and behind me. I initially didn’t see any possibility of making any headway as I had three top runners competing against me with Georg Anstett, Benny Rossmann and Paul Westwood. The worst thing of all is that all three of them ride for clubs in Rhineland -Palatinate. My place on the podium in the Rhineland-Palatinate championship was in danger because I was in second place on the road behind Jürgen Stilgenbauer. Georg then ran past me at the 10 km mark and after a short attempt to fight back I just had to let him pull away. Now I was in 7th place on the road and in 3rd place in the regional championship.


Now that my legs were getting heavier and heavier, I was able after the last turning point to see the gaps once again and knew that I had a strenuous final 5 kms ahead of me. Benny and Paul spurred each other on and got ever closer to me.
I had to thank not only my own abilities, but also the many other starters of the DBL-team, that I reached the finish-line before Benny and Paul. Although my club colleagues also were in a race they always had time to shout me on or give me a smile. Thanks a lot!

I was more than pleased with my lot taking 7th place in the overall event, 3rd place in the regional championship and the team victory with the DBL-team. I now know that I can achieve something in Roth. Jürgen has promised me that I’ll be able to approach the start line in 4 weeks feeling completely relaxed!

See you soon!

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