That was more than enough rain thank you very much…

Of all my appearances in the big loop, this is the one I have suffered most in. You can all call me a fair weather rider if you like but I’m just about fed up to the back teeth with all this rain. Alongside all those hair-raising stages in the first week of the Tour, sunshine has been in short supply in this year’s race. Nearly every day we’ve been hoping for an improvement in the weather conditions. Some of the riders are slowly running out of clothing. Racing shorts, jerseys and socks don’t look so great after two days riding in the rain. It’s above all the socks and shorts that can no longer be worn after such long rides in the wet.

André has really got going now and was able to scoop yesterday’s stage victory. He has therefore proven to all his critics that he isn’t just capable of winning stages in minor events. After finishing second on today’s stage he almost grabbed his second stage win of the Tour. One can therefore safely say that Mark Cavendish and André Greipel are the two fastest riders in this year’s Tour de France.

As far as speed is concerned, from tomorrow we’ll be seeing quite different numbers on all our bike computers because tomorrow we arrive in the Pyrenees and then it’ll be really competitive. One thing is for sure – it won’t be a showdown between Cavendish and Greipel and the men who really want to challenge for the yellow jersey will have to lay their cards on the table for the very first time.

As every day on this year’s Tour I’ll be hoping for sunshine tomorrow and that the rain holds off completely.

Soaking and sporting greetings from Seb.

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