My lucky charm

Faith moves mountains and in our case hopefully faith will propel us over the mountains on tomorrow’s stage. Before the start of every stage I kiss my wedding ring and believe firmly in my two loved ones back home. That gives me confidence and self-belief. It’s also supposed to give me protection and the strength to overcome these difficult obstacles. Some call this faith; some call it having a lucky charm.
You’ll find that virtually every rider in the peloton has one of these larger or smaller lucky charms. Some have it on their helmets; many have their luck y charms on a necklace or have a tiny cuddly toy, bracelets and all the rest of it. I always wear a necklace with my engagement ring hanging from it as my lucky charm. In addition, there is also a medal on the necklace with the images of my wife and son engraved on it. Emilio also gave me a cuddly toy after all my stuff was stolen during my last winter training camp. The lucky charms that I had had with me for years were gone in a flash. Hopefully my lucky charms won’t just protect me on the dangerous descents, but together with my loved ones at home, guide me over the mountains ahead and give me the necessary stamina and strength. After all, today it’s the Queen’s stage and after that the short but extremely difficult ride to Alpe D’Huez.
So long,

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