Rob-J: New Bikes 2012

During the last days (no, NIGHTS) I built two of my new rides for this year:
My Canyon Torque FRX and the STRIVE. Both custom built with special parts for best performance.

The aluminium raw FRX got insead of orange frame parts some blue ones i had left over from some last years prototype frame. Equiped with a Factory Kashima FOX 36 VAN and a Cane Creek Double Barell shock the bike is ready for rough rides. The all new Spank Spike race wheels are light and fit perfect to the overall look of the FRX. Also new in the Spank range is the new spike stem.
The Onza Ibex DH tyres with 45a soft racing rubber are my first joice when i need a maximum of grip without the rist of flats in rocky and fast terrain.
The next day i took the bike for a ride at the bikepark Samerberg and i was really surprised how well the bike also pedals up the hill. No lift were running, so it was all about my legs… no problem with the 32 sprocket in the front and 36 casette in the back.
The overall feel of the FRX is amazing. It really is a little DH Bike when its set up with 185mm travel and slack geometry. Enough for most parks and perfect for massive jumps. Cant wait to catch more air-an dust time with this bike.

The other ride is my STRIVE. It is my most important ride this year since I want to compete in a lot of Enduro races this season. So i want it as light and best performing as possible. Equiped with FOX Kashima RP 23 shock and the light 36 Float the ride is smooth and is perfectly balanced.
The ethirteen XC crank is superlight as well while its strong enough for hard tracks and big hits. My tyre choice here is the lighter Onza IBEX FR with great traction on all kind of terrain. Formula The One brakes with 180mm rotors, Spank parts and for now also the Spank wheelset. But the bike will get some Acros hubs with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and Spank Oozy rims to save another 200gramms. It also will get an adjustable seatpost of course… hopefully soon!!!
Total weight: 12,8kg. amazing. So it rides superquick. Fast forward and super playfull and direct handling. I love it. Its so good!!

Next time I show you my Nerve AM and my FRX with an DH set up.

Stay tuned!


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