Rudi Selig on tour. Next step is the Neuseen Classics and Tour of Bavaria

Hi Canyon fans,

Last week I was with Erik Zabel in Berlin to promote the Berlin Velothon. It was great fun and at the same time fascinating how many riders showed up despite the bad weather at Templehof airport.
Cycling is booming. The 13000 riders who took part in last year’s Berlin Velothon are clear evidence of that. I was able to demonstrate to many spectators just how durable the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX road bike is or needs to be!
Erik Zabel would say, “Rudi, make sure the bikes stay in one piece”.

There are several photos of the training session on the website of the Skoda Velothon Berlin.

Rudi Selig bei

Then on Tuesday it was time for the Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn event, one of just a few German classic events on the racing calendar. The event wasn’t for me as there were too many hills in it!
Nevertheless, we were able to take 6th place with Alexander Kristoff, which saved the day really.
Yesterday, as always after a race, I had the day off and was finally able to go for a ride on my new Grand Canyon AL 9.9 SL.
I was mega impressed by this bike and am already looking forward to the winter when I can push the bike to its limits!
Last year I rode a lot on a cyclo-cross bike together with training partners, who all have cyclo-cross bikes. These bikes have the edge in terms of speed, but they offer little in the way of maneuverability and comfort.
The MTB weighs 3 kg more, is perfect for training and above all in the woods on steep descents nobody will be able to put one over on me and on the flat I can easily keep up with the wide rims. We shall see how I go!

My preparations for my next highlight are already underway. Neuseen Classics and the Tour of Bavaria. This is how things normally pan out: Standard training on the road and then 30-40minutes of stretching and aerobics when you get home.

Torso strength is extremely important in cycling so that the rider gets his maximum power down onto the pedals without wasting energy due to shaking his upper body from side to side.
Even after a few days I can already feel the improvement in the transmission of power when riding uphill. I can therefore strongly recommend this type of training!
This also helped me get rid of my knee problems which I have been battling with since my crash at the Scheldeprijs at the start of April.

Stay healthy and keep working hard cycling fans!

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