Rudi’s Blog: Goose pimples at the Eneco Tour

Rudi Selig is at 23 one of the youngest riders in the squad of our Russian pro team Katusha.
The talented young German sprinter is in his first season on the pro scene and has the potential to be in there with the men who matter on his Ultimate CF SLX.
Here’s Rudi’s look back at the Eneco Tour 2012.

Hi there cycling fans,
We’ve been bombing round Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg for a week now. Today was the final stage with the famous “Wall of Geraardsbergen” as the climb to the finish.
This was my first appearance at the Eneco Tour and I’m already looking forward to the next one! I hadn’t had that same felling of joy since finishing Paris-Roubaix. Now that really does mean something!

As is always the case in bike crazy Belgium, the spectators turned out in their droves to urge us on! This is a great feeling when you are virtually shouted up the climbs. You do really get goose pimples.
The sprint finishes we were setting up for Alexander Kristoff were extremely nervous and even made me almost fill my pants!

Rudi Selig bei der ENECO-TOUR 2012, 6. Etappe: Zeitfahren / Foto: ROTH

As if it were a matter of life and death everybody flew in to the corners as if it was the last one before the line!
At the start you are a bit scared, but at some point you don’t care anymore and you get tunnel vision. And you really need that in events like this, because if you start getting over cautious you’ve had it. It’s all like a game; however you don’t have 3 lives to play with.

For me a completely new experience was the 6.6 km tunnel, which we rode through on stage 5. It was very loud, dark and fast (65 km/h). You had to rely on the rider in front of knowing what he was doing. On stage 4 we were sprinting along a busy road in Belgium which had lots of shop windows on either side. The amazing thing was that these shop windows were filled not with groceries or other products, but women! To be precise prostitutes, who were sitting on high stools and were extremely scantily clad.
It didn’t take long until the race was “neutralized” and all the riders took time out to look at the women. It was perhaps instinct, but there wasn’t a single crash although nobody was looking where he was going!

My next big race is in my home country Germany on 19 August with the Hamburg Cyclassics event. It’s in Hamburg that I’ll meet Ete again!
Stay healthy and happy riding!

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