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The race is on. You hit the pedals and start spinning that crank. You bomb up the short, stiff climb with ever increasing speed. When you reach the top, you take a short, deep breath, search for your line and forge ahead again. Your aim is to get down the trail as quickly as possible. You fly into the tight corners, leaving your rival in your wake. Your heart is pounding and one adrenalin kick follows another. There is nothing save you, your bike and this hellish descent.
Fun, action and freedom. This is mountain biking in its purest form – Pure Cycling at its very best. This is enduro!

Strive for the podium

There’s hardly a magazine that’s not writing about it; there’s hardly a manufacturer that doesn’t offer special bikes or clothes for it. Since last season enduro has been the talk of the town. In 2013 even the first Enduro World Series celebrates its premiere. But what exactly is it that’s hidden behind the term enduro?

What exactly is Enduro?
The term has its origin in motor cross and is derived from the English word endurance. In mountain biking, however, the term enduro is far more than just another word for a discipline.
In short, you just can’t put the term enduro into the confines of a box and rightly so. There is simply no de facto standard since enduro is a mix between the cross-country and downhill disciplines – an exciting variation of short climbs and technically demanding super-fast descents. The racing in various events is also extremely diverse. There are events with individual starts, mass starts and in some events times are recorded over the entire course or even just on the downhill sections. Nearly everything is possible.


A thirst for adventure,
the openness to experience something new, stamina, fighting spirit and above all the love of cycling is what makes enduro special. Riders from increasing numbers of other disciplines are converting to the enduro scene. Regardless of whether they come from 4cross, downhill or cross-country – enduro is open to everyone. However, anyone who really wants to succeed must work damn hard. This sport demands quite a lot of the rider, who ideally should have strength, stamina, a tidy riding style, versatility and concentration.

Canyon Factory Enduro Team
Over the next few days we will be introducing you to our new team riders. Who are we talking about? We are talking about the Scottish bike pro Joe Barnes, the German top riders Ines Thoma, Marco Bühler and Maxi Dickerhoff. Then we have….. Yes, you’ll have to wait just a little while longer to find out who else is in the team…..
The bike they’ll be using in 2013 is the enduro bike Strive Race. Their mission is to achieve top results!
You can look forward to interesting interviews, cool photos and above all a great season with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team as well as some exciting racing and great victories to boot!

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