Introducing Canyon Factory Enduro Team Lady Rider Ines Thoma

Spotlight on the Canyon Factory Team rider Ines Thoma. She is currently one of the fastest female German enduro riders. Her list of successes, especially those last season speak for themselves. First place at the Specialized Enduro Ride in Willingen, victory in three stages of the Specialized Enduro Series, first place at the Dakine Trailfox in Flims and the list continues. The tough and fun-loving girl from the Allgäu region in Germany has set herself big targets for this season and we are really looking forward to accompanying her on her continued road to success!

Name: Ines Thoma
Date of Birth: 03.08.1989
Domicile: Wildpoldsried, Germany

100 % Pure Cycling : Ines beim Canyon Enduro Road Trip 2012 / Foto: Markus Greber

Hi Ines,
You are one of the fastest female German enduro riders around and have been taking part in events successfully for several years now. How did you get involved in cycling and did you always want to become a pro rider?

Yes, it’s hard to imagine now that it’s already more than 17 years ago. At the tender age of 5 I took part in ski events and our trainer entered us for an MTB race in the summer. I just got my bike out and started riding around in circles on the grass behind our house (training so-to-speak)) and that’s how it all started…
As a CC rider I always wanted to take part in the Olympic Games. Perhaps that dream will come true in enduro racing.

What are your main aims for your first season in the Canyon Factory Enduro Team? Do you have a favourite event or is there a race that you definitely want to take part in?
First and foremost I want to be as fast as possible and enjoy success with the team. I’m really excited about what awaits us at the Enduro World Series. My favourite event? I can’t say that for sure yet, but the Megavalanche event at Alpe d’Huez and on La Réunion is already underlined on my racing calendar.

You are the only girl in the team. Does it matter to you whether you are on the road with boys or girls?
No, not at all. In this regard I’m not difficult at all. It’s highly motivating to be able to ride with fast and friendly people and one can learn a great deal regardless of whether one is male or female.

Portrait Ines Thoma  /Foto: Markus Greber

What demands do you place on your material? What makes a perfect enduro bike in your eyes?
Light, lively, playful and if it looks good, then all the better. Canyon has succeeded in bringing together all these characteristics in the new Strive – bellissimo!

Enduro races demand skillful handling, coordination and above all a whole lot of fitness and stamina. How are you preparing for the season and how do you keep yourself in good shape?

At the moment alongside telemark skiing I also do long-distance skiing and go jogging in order to get fit. When I have finished my final exams at the beginning of April, then I’ll be spending a lot of time on the bike to work on my bike handling skills and put the fine edge on my fitness.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
My house, my car, my boat… hmmm, or rather my hill farm, my convertible, my bike!!
When I think about everything that has happened over the last 5 years, then anything is possible and I’m really looking forward to it!

Welcome to the team! We’re really pleased to have you on board!

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