Introducing Canyon Factory Enduro Teamrider Joe Barnes

Wherever they turn up, there is always something going on. Joe Barnes and the “Dudes of Hazzard” are an unbeatable combo and we therefore got them on board very quickly. Joe as the official rider of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team and his colleagues Liam Moynihan and Fergus Lamb – who are also riding Canyon bikes – will support the team throughout the season. The “Dudes of Hazzard” already caused quite a stir on the enduro scene last season and in 2013 the fun-loving and adventurous Scotsman together with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team in the battle for podium places.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present Mr. Joe Barnes

Joe Barnes mit seinem Van

Date of birth: 11.06.88
Domicile: Fort Williams (Scotland)

Hi there Joe, where are you hanging out at the moment? Have you done a runner from the good old Scottish winter?

I am at home in Fort William at the moment. You are correct, the Scottish winter is something to run from and I have been away twice this winter already. One week in Tenerife and one week in Mallorca. Both trips were great fun and a good chance to train and get used to my new bike. It feels nice to be home now, though, doing what I like best, building a new trail and having fun riding bikes in the mud.

As a “Dude of Hazzard” you really stick out like a sore thumb on the scene and are always painting the town red. Now you’ve got all these new responsibilities towards the team, how are you going to juggle everything?

It is funny you should say that as we are actually all very reserved people and generally keep ourselves to ourselves. The number one thing is always professionalism at the races as we are all very competitive. The Lurid Van and comedy scooters at races do stand out though! You wouldn’t want to walk to the shop when you could drive the scooter, it’s all about saving energy;) With Canyon also supporting Liam and Ferg from “the Dudes” it should add to the family atmosphere and I think I will fit in well with the Canyon family and new team surroundings.

In May the Enduro World Series gets underway. What are your aims and how do you see your role in the team?

I can’t wait for the first race in Italy. As it is the first year the World Series is being run I hope to take my strong race craft from racing DH and adapt to the new format straight away. I have always ridden as a privateer in the past so riding for a team set up will provide some great benefits to me, with technical support and also the chat brought on by a team atmosphere. I hope that I can take my own style to the team, gel well with my team mates and get some top results.

Enduro is a way of life. That’s obvious when one watches your videos. What’s a race weekend with the “Dudes” really like then?

We get to the venue and spend about an hour driving round in circles deciding the ultimate location to park. Wind direction, south facing, distance to pits and remoteness all to be considered. Then the scooter comes out and we take it in turns driving about, getting to know our surroundings/having fun. On track, we walk and ride everything a lot and always take line choice really seriously, discussing everything later that evening. Once the biking is done the ping pong table comes out and a quick game to relax usually happens. Potatoes for dinner and then a film in the van to finish the day off nicely. Once the race is done we slowly pack up and are always the last to leave. We really enjoy our racing, competition and also the fun to be had when not peddling your heart out.

Joe Barnes in Action auf Mallorca / Foto:Dudes of Hazzard

You’ve already rocked a few trails on your Strive. What do think of the bike so far? What’s the perfect enduro bike in your eyes?

I have been riding my Strive for a good few months now. The first thing I found was how easy it is to jump onto and just ride. Really comfortable angles and linkage. For enduro a light bike is important and I have been planning my race bike this week. I can’t wait to get on my super light rocket ship once it’s built!

Enduro is tough on the body for sure, so how do you keep yourself in shape?

I started working with a trainer last October and things have been going really well. I feel I have got a good balance between effort and rest, gym and road and never forgetting my trusty mountain bike and skills practice.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a mountain bike pro?
It’s a tricky one as I have always ridden my bike and worked in a bike shop, as that’s all I have wanted to do. I am engineering minded so this was always an option for me, but I think a bit of everything is best. A self employed chief. Film making, handy work and bike mechanic ,with lots of spare time for having fun.

A life without the bike is like…?
Not worth thinking about. Two wheels is the best thing ever.


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