Paolini Maintains Maglia Rosa in Giro d’Italia

On a long Stage 4 of the 2013 Giro d’Italia stage that had a cold, rainy and hilly finale, Katusha Team’s Luca Paolini gallantly defended his Maglia Rosa of Giro d’Italia race lead. After riding his Canyon Ultimate CF 9.0, equipped with Canyon’s innovative VCLS 2.0 seat post over 246km of racing, Paolini finished 10th on the day. He talked about the day post-stage, saying “Today we knew it would be a difficult day, but my Katusha team was great, they believed me and supported me as Maglia Rosa. Katusha Team was on the front of the group from the start, so I am happy to have kept the Maglia Rosa for one more day.”

Spitzenreiter Luca Paolini auf seinem Ultimate CF SLX während der vierten Etappe / Foto: ROTH

Paolini explained further, saying “It was actually very hard to keep the pink jersey today. It was very difficult for me, as the rain made the road slippery and dangerous. I knew it was a hard finish for me, at the limit of my possibilities. On the two climbs, I tried to stay up front as much as possible. My goal today was just trying to finish the stage up front without letting a gap open that might put my Maglia Rosa in danger. Today it wasn’t about winning the stage, but keeping the Maglia Rosa. Either way, I didn’t have the legs to sprint. But also I think Katusha Team is proving we deserved our WorldTour license.”
With the next few stages of the Giro d’Italia flat to rolling, Paolini has a great chance to stay pretty in pink until next Saturday’s individual time trial.

Spitzenreiter Luca Paolini auf der vierten Etappe / Foto: ROTH

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